Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hanging in there

I've sort of been MIA lately because it's just been a crazy week. Thankfully, Aubrey seems to be feeling better. She hasn't been taking good naps though, which makes for some long days with no breaks. Her finger... oh, her finger. It was fine all day yesterday. She kept the bandaid on it, and there was no more bleeding. I was going to play Bunco last night and was so happy to finally be out of the house when David called me. He said Aubrey had ripped her bandaid off and her finger was bleeding and I needed to come home. I literally wasn't even out of the neighborhood. By the time I got home, he had gotten it to quit bleeding, and he insisted that I still go to Bunco. He knew I needed a break. It was fine again today until she pulled the bandaid off and it started bleeding AGAIN! Ughh! It didn't bleed much though, so I think it's trying to get better. It's too late for stitches now, so we're just really trying to keep bandaids on it. I put a sock over her hand and taped it on with medical tape. Haha! It makes her so mad that she can't pull the sock off, but she's having to get over it. It's for her own good :)

On a brighter note, I got to go see my dear friend Rebekkah at the hospital today. She had her baby yesterday, and he is just too sweet! I said it was a good thing I am already pregnant because I would definitely have the baby bug after seeing him :)

Maybe soon I'll have something more interesting to talk about than my child's bleeding finger. Haha.

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Christy said...

wow. I hope tomorrow you have an uneventful day!