Friday, January 22, 2010

how old is old?

I've been growing a beard out lately. It's taken me about 3 weeks or so, but I finally have a fairly full beard. I've never been very good at growing facial hair.

So last night at karate class, a guy who is about 16 years old asked me about my beard. He said that he had tried to grow some facial hair but couldn't do it. I told him that he was still young and that I couldn't grow one very well until recently. I mentioned in passing that I was 30 now. He seemed very surprised and said he thought I was only 24 or so. I made a joke and said something about 30 not being as old as it sounded. He said that I was "getting up there."

Dumb kid.

David Howie


Christy said...

Okay, when I first started reading this I thought that CARRIE was talking about growing a beard. HA!

I had a teenager tell me I was old recently and I am 27!

Ashley said...

Hahahahaha I thought this was Carrie at first too---I was like HANG ON.

This is so funny...

Sarah Denley said...

Ok, it totally sounds like Christy is not the only one with "Mommy Brain" because I was like "wow, Carrie, even if you get a chin hair or don't have to go confessing it on your blog". Ha!