Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week in Review: Roaches & Tornadoes, Oh My!

I know these weekly recaps are probably super boring, but I'll enjoy rereading them in the future. Thank you for humoring me. Haha! We need to start doing more fun things so I'll have more to put in my weekly review posts :)

We went to church and Sunday School and then came home and ate spaghetti for lunch. We all took a nice, long Sunday afternoon nap. It was an overcast day, and when our alarm went off, it was all dark and cold in our room. David said he could just sleep on through the night. We were disciplined though and got up and went to night church. After church we went to Jason's Deli for dinner.

Monday: We had our little roach incident. We went to karate on Monday night. My mom, Aubrey and I went to Marshalls and TJ Maxx during karate. We also made a pit stop at Sonic. David had a meeting at church during karate and ate dinner there, so I didn't have to worry about cooking anything. I finished reading The Help before bed. I don't know if the ending was sad or if I'm just hormonal, but I sobbed.

After we got up and ate breakfast, Aubrey and I went to the grocery store. We came home and had lunch, and then it was Aubrey's naptime. She didn't sleep very well. I had to go into the roach room (that's what I'm calling Aubrey's room now) 4 times to give her her paci that she had thrown out of her crib. Once she finally got into a deep sleep, she took a pretty decent nap. I did a few things around the house and got ready to go to book club. I put some dinner in the crockpot for David since I was eating at book club. When David got home he took Aubrey outside to play, and I left. We had our book club at Newk's and it was really fun. This was our first month to meet, and I enjoyed it. We had lots of good discussion on the book. We picked a book for next month, but I can't remember the name of it right now.

Wednesday: Aubrey slept until after 9 again! I hope this becomes a habit! We went to Target that morning and just looked around and got a few things we needed. We came home and ate lunch. I'm really starting to dread meal times with Aubrey. She is going through a major picky stage. I never know what she is going to eat from day to day. Really from bite to bite. One minute she is loving something and eating it up, and the next she is spitting it out and pushing it away like she is repulsed by it. I have to get pretty creative in order to get her to eat what I consider a full, healthy meal. Anyway, after lunch was naptime. I can't even remember what I got done that afternoon -- probably not much. Ha! David had a meeting at work, so Aubrey and I just met him at church. It makes for a long day when Daddy doesn't come home from work at 4:30 -- we're spoiled! We had a nice time at church, although Aubrey probably only ate 3 bites of her dinner. I went to a Bible Study on Job. When we got home, we fed Aubrey dinner (at about 8:30!) since she wouldn't eat at church and then put her to bed. We had some rough weather that night, and I got scared but still managed to sleep :)

Thursday: Aubrey slept late AGAIN! I'm loving this! We went to Wal-Mart to get a few things, and then I was craving Chick-Fil-A so we drove through and got some lunch. Thursday afternoon while Aubrey napped, I cleaned our bathroom and straightened up some other things. David had another meeting, so we met him at church for karate. My mom had agreed to babysit two little girls at church during karate that night, so we just hung out at church and Aubrey played with her little friends. When we got home, we had frozen BBQ for dinner. GASP! I'm not a frozen food kind of girl at all, but it was actually pretty good ;)

Friday: Two of my friends from church have nanny jobs and were going to the park that morning with their kiddies, and they invited Aubrey and me to join them. The weather was PERFECT for the park, and we had lots of fun. I'm going to have to start taking Aubrey to the park more often because she finally at the age where she actually enjoys it. We left the park and went straight to lunch with Ashley/Evy and Sarah Denley/Ann Peyton. Tons of fun, of course. Ash and SD both had super cute new haircuts, and as tempted as I am to hop on the bandwagon, I'm determined to let my hair grow out. When we got home from lunch, Aubrey refused to take a nap. I must have tried literally 6 times to get her down. She spent a good bit of time wailing in her bed before I finally gave up ;) So I got absolutely nothing done that afternoon. David had an overnight church officers retreat for the elders and deacons Friday night and Saturday morning. Did Aubrey and I spend the night by ourselves for the first time?! Of course not! My dad went to the retreat too, so my mom and brothers came and spent the night with us to keep us company. Ha! We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then came home and watched movies. It was fun, but we missed David and were glad to have him home today!

Saturday: I didn't get to sleep in today since David wasn't home to get up with Aubrey :( I can't really complain though, since she has slept late several days this week. My mom cooked chocolate chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, and then they headed home. I hung out with Aubrey then fed her lunch and put her down for her nap. (She was extremely tired after her skipped nap yesterday!) David got home, and I talked to him for a while and then went shopping. Didn't get anything exciting. Tonight we went to dinner with David's parents. Aubrey enjoyed seeing her grandparents! After dinner we went to Kroger. Now Aubrey is in bed, and David wants to go to bed early since he didn't sleep well at the retreat. Super exciting Saturday night, right? Haha.

So, there you have it. Another week in the life of David, Carrie, and Aubrey (and baby!). Thank You, Lord for another good week :)


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J. Henry said...

Your recaps aren't super boring at all! I enjoy them!

Sarah Denley said...

A couple of things....

1. Why would you cook dinner if you're not going to be home? Don't do that for David! You are making me look bad; if I'm not home, it's fend for yourself, buddy (it's that most nights, anyway).

2. YOU TOLD ME that you were going to be an adult and stay by yourself when the need arose. And I was all "Oooh. Ash AND Carrie are so brave!" HAHA! Did the roaches and tornadoes scare you to much ;)

3. Don't worry, I mentioned the can opener for you?

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