Wednesday, November 18, 2009

House Update

Well, it's high time for a house update, don't you think?? I mentioned in my last Week in Review post that we had gotten an offer on our house and countered several times. After going back and forth multiple time we were finally able to come to an agreement. So yes, we have a contract on our house!!! We are really excited and happy with the contract. We are going to have to paint some rooms, but that's ok. I know not everyone has the same taste in paint colors as I do. It will be a bit stressful trying to pack, move and paint, but it's doable :o) The contract is contingent on a home inspection and a couple of other things, but the contingencies expire Monday. We had the home inspection done today, so we are praying everything is ok. Our house is only about 4 years old, so there is no reason to think anything big would be wrong with it, but I've been kind of worried. I guess I'm a house hypochondriac ;o) Ha!

I have had several people ask me if the house we like is still available and the answer is YES! When we accepted the offer on our house, we went and looked at the new (to us) house, and we still loved it. We made on offer on Monday. They countered Tuesday morning. We countered Tuesday afternoon. They countered again Tuesday night. And we accepted!! We signed the contract today. We were even able to get a home inspection on the new house today. The inspector said the house was in great shape except for one or two things that really need to be fixed. We will get the full report tomorrow, and hopefully the current owners will be willing to fix these few problems.

The great part is that if all goes according to plan we are supposed to close on our new house on December 8th, but we won't close on our old house until December 18th. This is fantastic because it will give us 10 days to move -- that would be so awesome! It might even give us some time to do some painting before we move in -- because, naturally, every surface in the house will have to be painted. (Cue David groaning loudly!) Haha!

Everything seems to be falling into place nicely. Of course nothing is guaranteed until we close. We have high hopes that everything is going to work out though. I'm just looking forward to having the packing, moving, and unpacking behind us -- this whole process is exhausting! :-/


Nathalie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! By far the most exciting news I've heard all day! I'm so happy for you guys!!

Good luck with the move.. Can't wait to hear about your new house adventures!

Sarah Denley said...

Oh, how exciting! You'll be out and in the new house so soon, too! Can't wait to see y'all tomorrow.

J. Henry said...

That's wonderful news!!! I'm so excited for y'all!!! It seems like everything has fallen into place like it was meant to be! :)