Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair Care

Aubrey's hair has started to really curl lately. The longer it gets, the curlier it's getting. I think curly hair is precious, and I'm so happy she seems to have gotten her daddy's hair. However, curly hair does have it's drawbacks -- the main one being FRIZZ! When Aubrey wakes up, her hair is just a big frizz. I usually just wet it and it's fine. But even just riding in her carseat makes her hair frizz, and yall, I just can't have my baby walking around everywhere with frizzy hair. I've talked to many people with curly hair, and the answer to frizz is hair product and lots of it. And it's never too early to start with the product. I wanted to go all the way and buy some mousse or gel or something for her hair, but she is still a baby and I didn't want her hair to be "crunchy." So I got this:
This is just a leave in detangler spray made especially for kids. Tangles aren't really her problem, but it says it also gets rid of bed head. I figured we could just spritz some in and fluff her hair, and hopefully it would take care of the frizz.

So far it has worked pretty well. It doesn't completely get rid of the frizz, but it helps a lot. Today I had her hair all sprayed and styled when we saw David after work. He picked Aubrey up to say hey to her and immediately told me she stank. I couldn't imagine why she would stink -- I had just changed her diaper. I asked him what he meant, and he replied that her hair stank. I told him that I had used a new product in her hair, and it didn't stink -- it smells good. He proceeded to tell me that it was crazy that I was using product in a 14 month old's hair and it didn't smell good, it smelled fruity. He said it just didn't smell like Aubrey. Kind of cute I guess, but I told him he would just have to get used to the smell of hair product. After all, Aubrey inherited this frizzy/curly hair from him :o)

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David Howie said...

I just really like the Johnson's baby shampoo smell. I don't have a problem with anti-frizz hair products, but can we please look for one that is unscented?