Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week in Review: Busy Bees!

After our low-key week last week, things picked up this week. We were busy, but it was a good week!

Sunday: We went to church and then to lunch at Char with David's parents. We didn't have to wait long which was nice, and Aubrey was good at lunch. Unfortunately, she didn't take a good nap that afternoon. Sometimes on Sundays she is SO tired that she won't sleep. It's frustrating. David entertained her while I took my usual Sunday nap -- he's so sweet! We went back to church on Sunday night.

Monday: We had a lazy Monday morning at home. Well, it wasn't too lazy... I got some stuff done around the house. I got really paranoid that our wood floors were going to be darker under where our rug has been in the living room and that the girl buying the house would freak out and cancel the contract. Ha! So I rolled the rug up and moved it to let the floor get some sun. You can tell where the rug has been a little bit from a certain angle, but I think that will go away quickly. Monday afternoon, we went and looked at our new house and made an offer! I already talked about that in more detail. Monday night my mom wasn't feeling very well and didn't go to karate, so Aubrey and I stayed home while David went.

Tuesday: This was the day of the counter offer! We went back and forth on our new house several times. Aubrey and I hung around at home most of the day cleaning up for the home inspection the next day. David had a meeting Tuesday night, so Aubrey and I went to Target to shop while he was gone. Aubrey was already in bed by the time he got home, but David and I decided to accept the seller's counter on our new house. She missed the excitement!

Wednesday: What a long, crazy day! We were supposed to have the home inspection on our (current) house at 10:00. Of course Aubrey and I were leaving for the inspection. I was running around like crazy trying to get everything clean while Aubrey ate breakfast. I was outside putting stuff in my car at about 9:45 when these two guys got there. I told them I was sorry I was still there and I was leaving very soon. They were really nice and said they would go ahead and get started. The Realtor and/or new buyer was supposed to meet them. So I got Aubrey and left. We went and ran errands for a while. Aubrey got fussy so we just ended up driving around for a long time. I thought they were probably finishing up at our house, so we rode by and the cars were gone. We went in and I was thinking I would feed Aubrey lunch and put her down for her nap. About that time our Realtor called. Apparently the home inspection guy had double booked and hadn't even been there yet! The men that were there that morning were just the termite guys. The inspector was coming around 1:00... Ughh!! So I had to straighten up everything Aubrey had pulled out since we got home and leave for several hours again! So annoying. The worst part is that the termite guys probably weren't even there long -- we spent all that time driving around for nothing :( So, we loaded back up and went over to my mom's house for the afternoon. This meant that Aubrey got not ONE nap all day. Miserable. My dad's three sisters where in town that night, so we went to my grandmother's house for pizza. Aubrey was exhausted by the end of the day, and frankly, so was I!

Thursday: After getting no nap the day before, Aubrey slept until 10:45!!! I ended up going to wake her up then because I was getting worried about her. I knew she was just worn out from the day before though. After sleeping the morning away we met our friends Ashley and Evy and Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton for lunch. We had such a fun lunch! Thursday night we went to karate. Aubrey and I went shopping at Marshall's and TJ Maxx with my mom.

Friday: I spent the morning cleaning the house again because the girl who is buying it wanted to come over and hold up paint chips. It's amazing how fast a toddler can mess up a house. Anytime the buyer wants to come over, it's a mad dash to get everything clean. David says it doesn't matter if the house is perfect -- she's already signed a contract. Ha! But I want everything to look as nice as possible. Friday afternoon we met Ashley and Sarah Denley and the babies at Handworks Market. It was my first time to go, and it was so fun! They had the cutest handmade things. I got a really cute dress for Aubrey and a few other little odds and ends. It was fun just to look at all the creative things people make. I love buying handmade items -- they're so special. After leaving Handworks, we met David and his parents at Red Lobster for dinner. Unfortunately, when it came time to leave, I realized I had locked my keys in the car. Boo! David had to drive home to get the spare set and drive back to unlock the car since Aubrey's carseat was locked in my car. Thankfully we had just met at the restaurant so we had both of our cars there. Red Lobster also just happens to be next to a Target, so Aubrey and I hung out there while David ran home and back.

Saturday: I co-hosted a baby shower for my sweet friend, Rebekkah, this morning. It turned out really nice -- there was a good group of women there and Rebekkah got some great gifts. After the shower my mom and I went shopping (SHOCKER!). It was cooler than I realized and raining, so I spent most of the day freezing. It was fun though. I bought a new coverlet for our bedroom. I think we're going to use the bedspread that we have on our bed now in our guest bedroom in the new house. I like the new one I got, but I haven't decided for sure if I'm keeping it. We shall see. When I got home from shopping David was watching the Ole Miss/LSU game. I waited patiently for it to end, and then the three of us got Chinese for dinner. Yum! We did find out today that the buyer for our house accepted the home inspection. That means she waived the contingencies, and our house is as officially sold as it can be until closing - yay! And the sellers of our new house agreed to fix all the things we asked them to fix-- yay!

So, it was a busy week but a productive one. I have a feeling that as we get closer and closer to moving things are only going to get busier! We are ready to have that behind us! We haven't even started packing -- ahh! We are looking forward to a fun-filled Thanksgiving week ahead :o)

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