Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's Going on

Aubrey is a busy little bee these days. She is constantly on the move. Here are some of the things that she's up to lately:

  • She has a new found obsession with opening cabinet doors. She literally LOVES checking to see what's in every cabinet in this house. I try to let her explore, but some cabinets (the ones with cleaners in them) have to be off limits. Since I haven't bought any cabinet locks yet, I try to take her to another room and distract her. Well, she will not be distracted. If she's playing in a cabinet in the bathroom, I'll pick her up and take her to another room across the house. As soon as I put her down, she just stands up and walks across the house right back to the same cabinet. It's kind of funny, but it makes for a LOT of walking back and forth across the house. I think we'll invest in some cabinet locks ASAP.
  • Along those same lines, she loves to close doors. As soon as we get into a room, she immediately wants to slam the door. I'm so paranoid about her slamming her fingers, but it hasn't happened yet.
  • Everything is a phone. She puts anything that remotely resembles a phone to her ear. It's so funny, because she'll put things to her ear, but she'll never say anything. Even when someone is really talking to her on an actual phone, she just listens -- she won't make a peep.
  • She is doing SO great with her breathing treatments. The first night we gave her one, she screamed. It took David and me both to hold her down and get it done. I was dreading doing it alone while David was at work. But for every one since then she has been PERFECT! She lays so still in my lap and lets me hold the mask over her nose and mouth. She doesn't fuss. She doesn't fight it. She barely even moves. And these things take FOREVER -- like 15 minutes. AND, this is the child who never sits still. It's amazing really. I think whatever she is inhaling is making her drowsy. Haha. As soon as it's over though, she's done sitting still. It's right back to playing.
  • She has an amazing knack for losing pacifiers. Seriously, a couple of days ago we had four. Now we're down to one. And I just bought new ones Saturday. Ugh. We have looked everywhere. I've come to the conclusion that she must have swallowed them. It's the only explanation.
  • She loves to point to stuff. She has the cutest way of pointing. She kind of points her wrist up, which makes her finger point downward. It looks like such a condescending little point. Ha!
  • She has decided that we have absolutely NO NEED for any thing that remotely resembles a schedule. In the past several days, she has gotten up anywhere from 5:40-8:15. Some days she takes two naps a day, and some days she refuses to even consider taking one. We still put her to bed at the same time every night. We still feed her meals at the same time. But she just won't get into any kind of routine. It's so frustrating. It makes it impossible to plan anything around her naps. We're just having to go with the flow. There is nothing else to do.
She is just so much fun. She makes me laugh all the time. Every day is different, especially now with no schedule, but she has all these little quirks that are just so Aubrey. I see this face often. Usually it's because she's playing in something that she knows she isn't supposed to. She looks like her hand is caught in the cookie jar!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I LOVE this post Carrie! It gives me a heads up about what to expect with Evie in the next few months. I just caught her in the bathroom reaching for the comet. OOOPS! She's never made it from her room to the bathroom. Babies will keep a momma busy!

Ashley said...

So adorable! What a busy, happy girl :)

The Brokaws said...

She is so cute in her little robe!

Tiffany said...

I love that "what did I do face" :) SO cute!