Monday, October 5, 2009

What to do?

Well, I was right. Aubrey is wheezing. We have to do breathing treatments :( Get this: one of the medicines we have to use in the nebulizer is a steroid!! That just sounds so terrible! Her doctor said this little sick spell we've been having for the past several weeks is probably all linked to her ears. Ugh, I almost wish she would just go ahead and get another ear infection so we'd know for sure that tubes are the right choice! I have had SO many moms tell me that their kids were sick constantly and then they got tubes and they were so much better. You know, one thing I've found that is really hard for me about being a parent is having to make all these decisions for my child. Decisions like, should I take her to the doctor? Is she really sick? Should we do the tubes? What will people think if we do the tubes? What will they think if we don't? And that is the problem -- it's so hard to not get overwhelmed by other people's opinions. I, unfortunately, am very swayed by other people's opinions. But at the end of the day, David and I have to do what we think is best for Aubrey. I know tubes are a minor thing, and it's really not going to be that big of a deal long-term. But it really is the biggest medical decision we've had to make for Aubrey. So if you think about it, please pray that we will make the right decision. Thanks! :o)

So, changing the subject... as of today our house is OFFICIALLY for sale!! It's scary and exciting all at the same time! I hope it sells in a timely manner. I really want that house I've mentioned before. We have to make some decisions regarding buying it now. As much as I love that house, it will really be ok if we don't get it. I'm just thankful that we have a roof over our heads and we're all healthy. As stressful as the tube decision can be, I'm thankful that that is the biggest medical issue that our precious girl has. We are so blessed :o)


Ashley said...

1. Try not to overanalyze the tubes thing...I've seen firsthand that you're an incredible mom. You know that right thing for your baby!

2. YAY for housing changes--for both of us! As if we need more reasons to spend money and decorate more....oh well. I see a major trip to St. Louis in our future!

Sarah Denley said...

LOL; I was so going to do the one, two, thing, but I'll mix it up a bit:
a. I SO SO SO know how you feel. I worry so much about that, too. Sometimes I also get the feeling that because I'm young people don't take me seriously. However, you are an AWESOME momma, just like Ashley said. You and David will do what is right for her. I think I'm going to do a whole post on it soon, but it is just redic. how moms stand in judgment of one another. We're all in this together!
b. You guys are making me jealous with all this talk about moving
c. You're doing a great job keeping EVERYTHING in perspective!

Anonymous said...

You guys ARE great parents! You are so calm with Aubrey and relaxed-- that is so important for her! I love you guys and can't wait for this weekend!!!
Sarah T.

Jennifer Henry said...

Sheesh... reading about all this has me a little bit worried about becoming a parent. I have so much to learn! I can't imagine being concerned with what everyone thinks about the decisions with my baby... but I'm sure I will be the exact same way! I will definitely be praying for wisdom for you & David to make the right decision.

Exciting news about the house! It's so good that you don't HAVE to sell... it really takes a lot of the pressure off of things.

PS.... I can't wait to see Aubrey's Halloween costume!