Thursday, October 8, 2009

Curtains and Chandeliers

David took some pictures of our house the other day to put on MLS. That reminded me that I never posted (good) pictures of my drapes that my grandmother made for us. So here they are in the room!
I really love this fabric. This is the fabric that I got for $5 a yard! I will definitely be taking these curtains with me when we move!

I never realized how torn I would feel about what to take with us when we move. We've replaced almost all the light fixtures in our house. We kept the old ones that we took down (I say "old" but they were actually new when we moved into our house!) and we planned to put them back up when we moved and take our new ones with us to our next house. But now we feel like the the old ones don't go in the house the way we have it decorated. So we've decided to leave some of the new ones. We're leaving the one in the kitchen (see picture above) and the living room.
The ones we can't really decided about are the ones in our bedroom and Aubrey's room. Our realtor thinks the chandeliers look good and make the house stand out a little bit. I, of course, agree but I know a lot of people prefer ceiling fans in the bedroom. So... tough call. I think we'll take Aubrey's down and just leave the one in our room up for now and give any potential buyers the option of having us put the fan back up. David has said that we can order new chandeliers (just like these if I want) for our next house if we leave these.

This has nothing to do with what I was just talking about, but Aubrey woke up at 5:50 this morning! Ugh! (David got up with her.) I don't know why she is so inconsistent these days! I do know that it is about to drive me insane... :/

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