Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is David's 30th birthday and Aubrey and I want to wish him a very happy day!! We love you very much and hope your day is fantastic! :o)

In honor of her daddy's birthday, Aubrey is sick A-G-A-I-N!! This time she has a cough and sounds wheezy to me. I'm taking her to the doctor this afternoon to make sure her chest is clear. The last time she was wheezing we had to do breathing treatments. We are SO ready to shake off this sick phase we've been in and be well for a while! I feel like the doctors are going to be so annoyed when they see us walk in again... haha. Not really. We'll see what we find out this time.


Ashley said...

I hope sweet girl feels better soon!

rachel said...

poor aubrey! that girlie has been sick for weeks! happy birthday david! man, you're old!

Ashley said...

Poor thing! I hope she gets to feeling better soon.