Saturday, October 3, 2009


We've been busy with home improvements this weekend. Well, actually, David has been busy with home improvements. I did the most helpful thing I could: I left the house with Aubrey and went shopping all day. So generous of me! ;o) We got some cute stuff. We finally made a decision on the Halloween costume. Thank you to all who offered your opinions. I think I will wait and let it be a surprise which one we picked. She's going to look too cute though!

Aubrey is walking all over the place these days. It still makes me laugh when I look over and she is walking across the room. It is just SO cute! She still walks like Frankenstein. David calls her little Frankie. Ha! We'll have to get a video of that.

We are hoping to have her one year pictures made this week. She has been sick pretty much since her birthday, so we have been putting them off. I think we're finally well enough to do them. Now I'm just trying to decide what she should wear! Tough decision. I can't decided if I want to go classic/dressy with a smocked dress or more cute/trendy with maybe a little sweater dress, tights and boots. Maybe we'll do both. Speaking of boots, we still haven't bought any. I had finally decided that today was the day. I was going to buy these boots from Target:

But they were out of her size! I was so sad. Aren't they just precious?? They better get more in soon, because we're going to need those for her pictures :o)


Holly said...

Those boots are really adorable! They look warm, too! :)

Nathalie said...

Definitely would like to see a video of little Frankie!! :)

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Carrie - sounds like things are moving right along for you! I am so happy. Just wanted to give you hope - we have accepted a contract on our house in Charlotte. It took 3.5 months. We are supposed to close on 10/30 so keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer. Moving is stressful but always worth it in the end. You can email me about this if you have any questions. We are not telling the neighbors yet because we want it to be 110% right now it's 99%. HA!