Monday, September 21, 2009

We're Back!!!

We're back from our weekend trip to Texas! We had a fun trip, and I'm happy to report that Aubrey did GREAT. Here is a recap of our weekend with pictures:

We left Thursday and headed to Dallas. Aubrey was so good in the car. We gave her a sippy cup of water to drink, and when we stopped for gas we realized that she was drenched. So we stripped her down to her diaper for the rest of the trip. She didn't seem to mind.

We spent Thursday night in Dallas with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Freddy. Of course, we can't forget about the dogs. Aubrey was a little overwhelmed by all three of the dogs at first. They were very excited to meet her, but she was a little unsure about them.
After a few minutes, Aubrey realized that these were sweet dogs, and she decided that she did like them after all.

On Friday, we got to go shopping at Ikea! I was very excited about this since we don't have an Ikea here. Aubrey had so much fun shopping, and found lots of stuff she wanted. Like this chair. We told her it wouldn't really go in her room though.

She also liked trying out this big girl bed. We told her there would be plenty of time for big girl beds in the future. She agreed that her crib is still pretty comfortable.

On Friday after lunch, we headed to Austin to see some of David's college friends and meet their new baby. We had a fun visit with all of them! Unfortunately, Aubrey decided to be really shy all weekend. She was sweet, but she didn't want anyone other than David or me to hold her. I think she was just really overwhelmed to be out of her familiar surroundings AND meeting new friends. I was really pleased with how well she did, and hopefully she didn't hurt anyone's feeling by not being friendly. She didn't mean it personally :o)

Her hair decided to do some crazy things while we were in Texas. She woke up from a nap one day and it was totally curly.

I think she is definitely going to have her daddy's hair. I need to start learning how to style curly hair now! :o)

On Saturday night, we went to watch the bats. They stay under a bridge during the day, and they all fly out at sunset. It was pretty neat to see all the bats flying out like that. There were TONS of them. We didn't get any good pictures of the bats, but here is one of me and Aubrey. Aubrey was pretty unimpressed. That would be why she has a washcloth hanging out of her mouth. Haha.
After a fun time in Austin, we headed back to Dallas on Sunday. We spent another night at Aunt Sarah's house. Aubrey had her first trampoline experience. She thought it was super fun!
We packed up and headed home today. We had a great weekend, but we're very glad to be home! I was so worried about how Aubrey would sleep while we were gone. She actually did fantastic! She did end up sleeping with David and me a couple of nights, but we were just glad she slept. Usually she won't sleep if she is in the bed with us. She slept in the hotel crib the other nights. She went to bed SUPER late every night and missed several naps, but she was a trooper. We were so proud of her! I think that just means that she likes to travel and we should take more trips ;o) I had to sit in the back of the car with her a good bit of the trip, and towards the end I kind of had to jump through some hoops to keep her entertained, but I managed to keep her from crying! Thank God for a baby who travels so well!

So, there you have it. Good times in Texas. I've missed updating the blog, and I'm glad to be back :o)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I know what you mean about jumping through hoops. I was trying to keep Evie happy in the car too. Anything was fair game. She ate puffs, played with a empty water bottle, a spoon and even a bottle of tylenol that had not been opened. It worked for the most part. Glad you are back! You are right - we need a new doctor!

The Williams Family said...

We're glad ya'll are back too! It wasn't very much fun here without ya'll (yes all 3 of you). It sounds like a great weekend and I loved the pictures but don't leave again anytime soon! Haha

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for visiting us! The doggies were sad when you left-- they kept asking, "Why did you take our toy away?! She was so tasty!" We love you guys!!
Sarah T. and the gang
ps: thanks for saying nice things about my dogs ;)