Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Party! Part 2

Aubrey is feeling better today. I took her to the the doctor for the second shot, and the doctor said her ears are still infected but better than they were yesterday. So we are still planning on going out of town. We'll have to take her in for her third shot before we leave, and hopefully she'll be all better after that!

I wanted to go ahead and finish up the birthday posts. First, I have to post a picture from Aubrey's "birth minute." She was born at 9:58AM, so we had to take pictures of her the minute she turned one! (Please excuse the fact that I'm wearing no makeup and look disgusting. I thought this picture was too funny not to post.) I held her up to my stomach, since that time last year she was small enough to fit in there. Crazy how big she looks now! Her face says, "These people are so weird. Why am I the only normal one in this house?"
Aubrey got lots of good gifts! Lots of fun toys and cute clothes. As a matter of fact, the gifts just looked so exciting that Aubrey decided to go ahead and get a head start on opening them while we were all watching the slide show. Gotta love a girl who takes charge. Haha.

She really enjoyed opening the gifts. She thought it was great fun.
Inspecting the goods.

Breaking in the new toy.
After we got all of the presents opened, it was time for cake! This was much anticipated because it was going to be Aubrey's first taste of sugar! We couldn't wait to see how she reacted.

Going in for the first bite.
"What is this sticky stuff on my hands? I'm not sure I like it."

"Can somebody please clean off my hands?!"

"Could somebody please take this nasty stuff away and just bring me some green beans??"
Aubrey decided cake was not for her. We even tried ice cream, but she wasn't really feeling that either. She asked if she could be excused to just go play with her new toys. Haha.
As you can see from these pictures, Aubrey's birthday was a fabulous day! We are so glad that she was well enough to enjoy her party. We're also so thankful for our friends and family who helped us celebrate our little girl! We've had an amazing first year as parents, and we're so excited to continue to raise our precious Aubrey and watch her grow into a beautiful lady :o)


Sarah Denley said...

you have to tell me about the banner now since I'm thinking we might not see y'all for awhile (even though ear infections aren't contagious--where'd you hear that??), I'm sure Aubrey will need a little more time to recover.

Anyway, I want to make one SO bad, but I may have to start now if I want it to be ready for Annie's one year old b-day!

Sarah Denley said...

p.s. we need to get some pictures of AP and Aubrey together. I'm going to try to remember my camera next time. I'm so bad about remembering to take pictures when we're not at home, but I love to document my weekly happenings!

Sarah Denley said...

okay, last comment...good to see you in a t-shirt and glasses and I think that was a great idea to hold her up there like that!

Ashley said...

New reader here.
1) Aubrey's birthday outfit with the little cupcake was absolutely precious!
2) I loved the birthday banner. So unique and creative!
3) I hope she gets to feeling better soon, I know ear infections are no fun.

Pieper Rodriguez said...

What a cute little girl! I loved those pictures of her with her cake.. I laughed at the green beans one! Too funny!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Okay, you made me decide to take Evie to the doctor today. She is scratching her ear so much -it's bleeding! I hope Aubrey's better and you had a great trip.