Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bigger and Better

Aubrey is just growing up so fast! I know that sounds so cliche, but it's just so true! She is now done with formula forever. We moved on to bigger and better things:
Whole Milk! The switch from formula to cow's milk was actually pretty anticlimactic. I was so worried it was going to be an ordeal, but it just wasn't. Her pediatrician said we could switch her over cold turkey if we wanted to, or we could mix it with formula. I love that her doctor is so laid back. Anyway, we tried cold turkey, but she didn't seem to love it. So we mixed it for one day (she gets 3 bottles a day) and by the end of the day she was drinking straight up cow's milk. Yay! We do warm it up for her and we still give it to her in a bottle. We didn't want to overwhelm her with changes. I think I'm going to drop the morning bottle tomorrow and just give her milk in a sippy. Maybe by the end of the week we can be done with bottles? That is probably a little ambitious. We might keep the night time bottle for a little longer. I can't believe my baby is drinking regular milk now. She's SO OLD!

Speaking of how old she is, it's about time we got rid of her baby bathtub, right?! Can you believe we still bathe her in that thing?

She sits up in it, but it's extremely slippery, and it doesn't hold very much water because it's really shallow. That makes it hard to rinse her off. I've been thinking that we would just start bathing her in the big bathtub, but David felt like it was a waste of water to fill up the whole tub for such a little person. He is oh-so-practical. SO... while we were shopping at Ikea the other day we found the perfect solution!
Yes, it's still a "baby bathtub" BUT it's deep and hold lots more water than the old one. PLUS! It has non slip things in the bottom so she can sit up better without slipping! It's also one solid piece, making it much easier to clean than the old one. It's really the perfect size for her, and by the time she outgrows it I think she will be big enough for the regular tub. The best part about her new bathtub? It only cost $7.99! I LOVE Ikea! :o) And Aubrey LOVES her new bathtub! And David LOVES that we don't have to waste all that water! We're all happy campers! ;o)

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The Williams Family said...

Love the new bathtub and she looks like she loves it too!!