Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mom Knows Best

Well, I was planning on sharing installment 2 of Aubrey's birthday party, but unfortunately it was not meant to be. You see, Aubrey was in a very grumpy mood this morning. I assumed it was just because she is teething, so I gave her some Tylenol and went on to a Bible Study at church. Before the Bible Study was completely over, someone from the nursery came to tell me that Aubrey was "kind of screaming her head off." Great. Sure enough, she was definitely screaming her head off. She never screams in the nursery. She is one of those babies who loves playing in the nursery. She continued to scream all the way home too. I could barely calm her down even after we got home and I was rocking her. I knew something was up, so I called the doctor. I was worried that her ears must still be bothering her, and I thought that on day 5 of an antibiotic they should be better.

Of course, right after I called the doctor and was waiting on a nurse to call me back, Aubrey decided to perk up and get down on the floor to play. I put her in her bed and she went promptly to sleep. I didn't know what I was going to say when the nurse called back. "Uh, my baby was a little fussy this morning." Haha, what a first time mom thing to do! But my mommy instinct was saying that she just wasn't well. The nurse called and said she should definitely be better after 5 days on the antibiotic, so we decided that I should take her back and have her ears rechecked.

I had to wake her up to go, and she was in a charming mood. I was prepared to look like an idiot. That was not the case though. Her doctor said her ears are HORRIBLE. The antibiotic hasn't done anything, and they've gotten worse. I felt so glad that I had taken her in and so so bad for my poor baby. She has to get THREE SHOTS! She got one today, and I have to take her back for the next 2 days to get the other ones. If her ears are still infected after that, she'll have to see an ENT. Poor, poor darling. She cried the whole way home, and I just wanted to cry too I felt so sorry for her. I think the shot should start to work quickly if it's going to work, so I hope she is feeling TONS better by tonight. The moral of the story for me was to always listen to my gut -- everytime I think there is something wrong with Aubrey, there is. "They" say that if a baby is truly sick, she won't be distracted by toys and won't play. That is just not the case for Aubrey. That throws me off every time, but I just have to remember that I know my baby better than anyone (besides David) and I can tell when she is sick. (I'm writing all of this so I will remember the next time I'm second guessing myself on whether I should take her to the doctor.)

Anyway, we're supposed to be leaving Thursday to go out of town for the weekend. We're hoping she will feel up to it. Her doctor said it would really depend on how she feels after a couple of shots. Ear infections aren't contagious, but if she feels terrible she is NO FUN to be around (but who is??). We're praying that our poor baby gets well soon :( I'm still going to post pictures of the rest of the party soon, but I just haven't had time to do the post. Picture posts always take forever.

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

I needed to hear that! My pediatrician made me feel badly the last time I took Evie in. She was fine but someone at MOPS told me they thought she had an ear infection. Yes, she was fine that time but now I hate to take her back to the doctor. After your post, then I will not worry!