Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the Go...

Aubrey had her 9 month checkup this morning. Everything was great. Her ears are all clear! Yay! She's been pulling on her ears lately, so I was a little worried they were going to be infected. They're not though. Her doctor said she might be teething. Still no sign of any teeth as far as I can tell!

She weighs 19 pounds, 9 ounces, and she's 28 inches long. Her head circumference is 44 cm (this doesn't really mean anything to me because I don't know what average is). They didn't tell me the percentiles and I forgot to ask. Oh well, we'll look it up.

She had to get her little finger pricked to test her iron levels. I was nervous and thought we were going to get the waterworks. But no! She didn't even bat an eye. They put a band aid on her finger, and wow ! That was so interesting to her! She couldn't figure out what that was on her finger. She wasted no time in tasting it of course ;o) Her iron levels were great, so she doesn't even need a vitamin.

I asked her doctor about what she should be eating, and she said she can pretty much eat whatever we eat, as long as it's fairly soft. She said to hold off on shellfish, nuts, and egg whites. It's just crazy that my baby is really old enough for regular food. It makes me so nervous! We've been giving her puffs lately, and she loves them!

She's crawling all over the place. She literally gets into everything! It's fun, but I feel like I can't take my eyes off of her at all. She loves to play with everything but toys. Toys are boring. She likes to go to the book shelf and pull books off. I hope this means she's going to like reading :o) She pulls up to her knees, but she hasn't pulled up completely yet. I'm in no hurry for that! I have a feeling it won't be long though. It just happens too fast! She's gone from just laying there to getting into everything in days it feels like!

We're going to Huntsville this weekend to visit Joy and Chris and to meet baby Caroline! We're very excited about seeing her for the first time. She's Aubrey's first little cousin! :o) Hopefully we can get some cute pictures of them together, but I'm afraid Aubrey doesn't know how to be gentle, so that might not happen. I hope Aubrey does ok in the car. She's done well in the past when we've gone on road trips, but it's been a while. She's past the stage where she'll just sleep. She likes to be on the move these days, so I'm afraid she might get bored. Hey, I know! We'll just give her the tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste to play with! She loves to play with that!! It seriously breaks her heart when we take it away. That should keep her entertained for a few minutes at least... ;o)


Ashley said...

Can't wait for lunch tomorrow!

The Williams Family said...

I'm so glad Aubrey had such a good check-up. I hope ya'll have a great visit with the Hodges, but I'm sure going to miss seeing ya'll this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Butt paste?!!? That's hilarious.
Have fun in Huntsvegas...i know you will LOVE baby Caro!!