Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy D Day

Aubrey is becoming much more mobile. I predict she'll be crawling in the next week. I can remember back (way back) to when she would just lay. Then she got kind of wiggly. And it was a big deal when she first rolled over. It was all jerky and awkward, but a big deal. Now she just rolls over with a little flip of her head - piece of cake.

And last night I was getting her ready for bed on the floor. She rolled away from me though and rolled a couple of more times across the room. I just lay down myself and dozed off. When I sat back up a few minutes later, she was sitting up playing with something. She had sat up by herself, and I had missed it! So I laid her back down, and she did it again. She started from her stomach and pulled her knees up underneath her. Then she pushed up on her hands. This I had seen before, but now she pushed back more from her hands and sat down.

It's neat just to see her move around the floor. She can get up in position to start crawling but can't quite get going. I think it's because she can't shift her weight from one arm to the other to be able to move it forward. But soon...

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