Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sickness strikes again!!

I had to take Aubrey to the doctor today. She's had a runny nose since the weekend, but she seemed fine and never had fever so we thought she was ok. Well, today she was in a terrible mood. She was just a grump. This afternoon she literally screamed for an hour. There was absolutely nothing I could do to console her. This is very unusual for my happy baby. I wanted to cry with her because I just felt so helpless. It turns out both of her ears are infected :o( Her doctor said they look terrible. She even had to get a shot they were so bad. My poor, poor little baby.

The frustrating part is that she had literally never been sick until a month ago. Her sickness last month turned into an ordeal. After two trips to the doctor, two rounds of antibiotics and breathing treatments we finally thought it was behind us. But here we go again. Her chest was clear, thank goodness, so hopefully with the shot and medicine we'll be able to avoid breathing treatments this time. Her doctor said to bring her back in after she finished the antibiotic she started today to make sure her ears clear up. I just pray that tubes aren't in our future!! Hopefully that shot will kick in, and she'll be feeling better in no time. I can't stand seeing her so miserable. I want to see her sweet little smile again soon!


Sarah Denley said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love some civil discourse, but I always worry I'll offend somebody. Anyway, I love our community too and I hope this the approved law won't change it too much! It is defiantly a great place to raise a family. I hope your sweet girl gets to feeling better soon!

Ashley said...

Prayers for little Aubrey---and you! Miss you and love you mucho!

Sarah Denley said...

So, I was reading someone's blog today and she was saying how she meet one of her readers from another state and i thought about you saying you lived near flowood...i hope this doesn't sound weird to you, but I'd love it if we could meet some time! I love finding new "mommy friends" (esp. fun young ones)!