Monday, June 8, 2009

Feeling Better

Thankfully, Aubrey is feeling much better after her ear infection. That shot really did kick in fast and she was in much better spirits the next day. She'll be on her antibiotic for 10 days, and we'll go back to the pediatrician shortly after she finishes it for her 9 month checkup. Her doctor will be able to look in her ears and make sure the medicine cleared them up. I'm hoping we won't have any more ear infections!!

We started Arts and Sports Camp (VBS) at our church today. It was a crazy day, but things went well. It was a little stressful this morning because everyone had a thousand questions, and I felt like I didn't know any of the answers (I'm the director's assistant). I think the rest of the week will be great because everyone kinda figured the schedule out today. Aubrey did fantastic in the nursery. I was worried about her being in there for 4 hours, but they said she was no problem. She was really excited to see me when I went to get her, but that was short lived because she wanted to get back on the floor and play with a toy she was playing with before I got there. We need to get one of these toys at our house! :o)

My mom went to orientation at Mississippi State with my brother who just graduated from highschool (sidenote: he's a huge Ole Miss fan but going to State?? Whatever :o)), so my 2 youngest brothers are spending the night with us tonight. My dad goes to work really early on Tuesdays, so they're just going to spend the night over here so they can ride to church with me tomorrow. Fun times :o) They love being around Aubrey -- they adore her and call her their sweet girl. I almost think of them as her big brothers instead of her uncles. It's cute to see them together. They haven't gotten to play with her much yet though, because she's been sleeping all afternoon. VBS wore her out! Bless her heart.

I hope yall all have a great week.

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Rebecca said...

I loved VBS! I have volunteered every year since I was in 7th grade, except for this year since I have a real job now :(