Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy 9 months!

Today my baby is 9 months old. Wow. It's hard to believe that in 3 months we'll be having a birthday party! I just can't believe how time is flying. Aubrey is so much fun, and we just enjoy her so much. We've reached some milestones this month:
-She's so close to crawling that I feel like I can practically say she's crawling. She's a pro at getting on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth. She can already crawl backwards.
-She can get from her stomach to a sitting position all by herself.
-She's started waving! It's the cutest thing ever. She has the most precious little wave. I'll post a video of her waving soon. She's so friendly too -- She waves at everybody.

As far as what she's eating, I am just so clueless in that area! Am I the only mom who feels like they have no clue what they should be feeding their child?? Please tell me I'm not. I'm still nursing her, but I just don't know how many times a day I should nurse her or how many ounces a day she needs. I've started giving her 3 solid meals a day. She eats stage 3 baby foods. I feel like we should be transitioning her to table food now, but she really doesn't know what to do with textured food. I mean, do I just give her anything we're eating? It just seems strange to go from baby food to pizza. Ha! I just don't know! Any tips?? We go to the doctor soon for her 9 month checkup, and I'll have lots of questions at that visit!

In non-Aubrey news, today was the last day of VBS! It was a great week, but I'm so tired. I can't say I'm sad it's over ;o) We're just not used to being up and at 'em so early every day. Haha. I have a new respect for all of you working moms. My house has been a wreck all week. I haven't even made the bed this week, and I always make the bed. I'm looking forward to a restful week next week. Aubrey was precious in the nursery all week. She really did great. I've missed her though! I feel like I haven't been spending much time with her -- she's been in the nursery all morning, and she's so worn out by the time we get home that's she's been sleeping all afternoon. I'm glad to return to our regular schedule next week! I think we're going to join a pool and just have fun being together.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Pictures and/or videos of the 9 month old coming soon! :o)

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Rebecca said...

Have fun at the pool!