Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Pictures

I'm a little late posting these, but I wanted to post some pictures from Mother's Day. I had a wonderful Mother's Day! It was so sweet just to be with my precious baby. We had lunch at my parents' house, and just had a great day. I just felt so thankful all day for the blessing of being a mother. It really is such an honor. Yes, it's hard, and it's often a thankless job, but to be entrusted by God with this little life - well, it's an awesome responsibility! I'm so so thankful for this sweet girl!
I was holding Aubrey after we finished eating (because she basically refuses to let anyone else hold her these days) and I noticed she had gotten really still. I looked down, and she was sacked out! Poor baby had missed her nap. How sweet is that little sleeping face??

In other news, now that she's 8 months old, she weighs about 18 pounds, 13 ounces, and she's about 27 1/2 inches long! She's just so big! A lot of people have commented lately that her "look" is changing. I think her face is getting less round and more oval. She's also getting hair! It makes me a little sad, because I feel like she's looking less like a baby... This is silly, I know! She's still a baby, I just feel like we're going to be having a birthday party for her tomorrow! By the way, I had to post this picture. This is so Aubrey - always grabbing at something! :o)

We are having her 6month/9month photo shoot on Friday. We're supposed to do a 6 month and a 9 month, but since we're doing them so late we're just going to combine the 6 and 9 month sessions and save the extra one for another time. Maybe 18 months. She'll have another session at 12 months. Anyway, I'm excited about the pictures! I'll post a link when they're up. :o)


Emily said...

She is so precious! I have major updating to do on my blog! I have really neglected it :)

Ashley said...

Precious pictures! You look great :o)