Monday, May 11, 2009

exclusive interview

Here at Baby Howie Blog we have obtained an exclusive, all-access interview with Aubrey Howie herself. We hope you enjoy.

Baby Howie Blog: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. This is quite an honor to be conducting your first interview.

Aubrey Howie: Well, the honor is all mine. Don't worry if I can't actually "sit down" for the whole interview. Sometimes I have trouble with balance.

BHB: Haha, that's fine. I guess we'll start off there. Tell us what you can do.

AH: I can sit up pretty well, but if I look around too much I tip over backwards. It's never been a problem though because there is always someone to catch me. I can also scoot around a little - I move best laying on my back and pushing with my legs. I can roll over too, but prefer to be picked up.

BHB: Well you're coming right along. You're 8 months old now, is that correct?

AH: Eight months tomorrow to be exact.

BHB: That's great. And what sort of things do you like to do at this age?

AH: I like to grab things - I'm very curious. Anything that is near by, I will reach for. And if I get it, I usually put it in my mouth. I especially like the place-mats and paper towel holder. They have cool textures. And it's neat when I can pull them off the table and make them fall on the floor. Another thing I've really gotten into is napkins. I like them because I can tear them all up and make a mess. And if I can't quite reach something, I'll just throw myself at it.

BHB: Wow, you sound pretty fearless!

AH: Well, like I said, it's worked out pretty well so far - no accidents yet. I also like bathtime pretty good. And I like playing with toys and stuff, but not for too long. I like to change to new things often.

BHB: What's your favorite toy?

AH: I guess anything that I can put in my mouth at the moment. Or Knightly. He's my favorite.

BHB: Now tell us about Knightly.

AH: He's the 2 year old boxer who lives in the back yard. He's terribly interesting because he'll run around in circles and jump up in the air. I really like watching him. When he calms down sometimes I even get to pet him. Dad lets him lick my hands which is really funny. I want to put him in my mouth too, but my parents don't let me.

BHB: Well, I guess not. Tell us about your parents.

AH: They're pretty great. I like dad fine, but mom is really wonderful. If she's around, I want to be with her - and I don't mind letting everyone know. Don't try to take me away from my mommy.

BHB: Which one do you think you look more like?

AH: I don't really know. Some people say one, and some say the other. I think I've heard about everything - from my grandparents to my uncle. And everyone is sure of whatever they happen to see. I'm just working on being me, you know?

BHB: I reckon that's a good thing. Tell me about your health. How has it been?

AH: It's been really good overall. I'm a big eater and have been gaining weight fine. No problems at all until about 2 weeks ago I got a little cold. Then it settled in my ears and got infected. I'm on the second round of antibiotics and breathing treatments now, so it's about all gone. It wasn't ever too bad - not even enough to interrupt my sleep.

BHB: Are you a good sleeper then?

AH: I try. Sometimes I don't want to go to bed so soon - having too much fun. But I usually sleep solid from about 9pm till about 8 am.

BHB: Wow, I know your parents appreciate that.

AH: I hope so. It's the least I can do.

BHB: Thank you so much for sitting down with us. Do you think we'll be getting an oral interview any time soon?

AH: I'm working on that. I make plenty of noises but haven't yet put together the words. It's fun to just babble on.

BHB: Well, we look forward to it, whenever it is. Thanks again.

AH: My pleasure.


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Funny! :) She is very well spoken for her age!!

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That was the best interview of an 8 month old that I have ever read!! It was very interesting!!