Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aubrey's Pictures!

Aubrey had her pictures taken on Friday. The session went well, except Aubrey decided it would be really fun if she sucked her thumb the whole time we were trying to get some good shots. The ironic part is that my child doesn't suck her thumb. Sigh. It's ok though, I sat close beside her and pulled her thumb out of her mouth often. She also put all of the props in her mouth. Haha. She just wanted to keep it real. Unfortunately, she wasn't in a very smiley mood. I think the pictures still turned out cute though! Click here and then go to client proofing on the top right. Our password is ashton.

I love them because they're just so Aubrey. All of the facial expressions are ones I see daily. I especially like the one with the pearls hanging out of her mouth. That's my girl :o) Haha. No, seriously, I can't decide which ones I like! Help me out! Which ones do you think are best? At least tell me which poses you think are the cutest, please? Thanks! :o)


The Williams Family said...

Like your dad said last night when I showed him the pictures, "I want all of them!" Seriously, though I love the close up black and white and the one with the necklace in her mouth. And you're right - they definitely capture Aubrey at just being Aubrey! Haha

Ashley said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! So cute. I so enjoyed looking at them. Are we still on for Thursday? Can't wait!!

Emily said...

Great pictures! We use Amy Johnson, too!