Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have thick, curly hair. When it gets long, it's an afro. Carrie doesn't much like the afro, and so she keeps it trimmed. She's done all my haircuts since we started dating. She wanted me to look nice for all the Easter pictures, but was very busy. So I told her that I would use the trimmers and just do it myself. I've done it myself once before. It's hard to mess up with the trimmer.

I had to promise to use the 1" guard so my hair wouldn't be too short. At that length, it will still curl a little bit.

So Saturday afternoon while Carrie was out I cut my own hair. It looked good. No worries. I took the guard off and tried to clean up my neck a little. I figured Carrie would have to do the details later since I couldn't see back there. I was looking at the finished product when I noticed a long sprig on the top of my head. I went to cut it and thought that it was cutting more than I expected. I cut twice more before I realized that I had not put the guard back on. So I had a hole in my hair.

I waited till Carrie came home. She was none to pleased. She thought I should go ahead and cut it all short. So I buzzed it all to 3/8". So that's how I ended up looking like this for all the Easter pictures:

Here's a picture of the hole. I actually can't even see it in the mirror. It's too much to the side.

No one has said anything about the gap. Hopefully it's not too noticeable. Lots of people have commented on the haircut of course. Mostly I get the "Oh wow, you got a haircut!" Some people have really liked it. Several people have said they didn't recognize me. Personally, I don't really like the way it looks, but it is much easier to deal with. No more bed head.

Ironically my father-in-law did pretty much the same thing on the same day. He cut his hair with the 1/2" guard. Was all done and did his beard with the 1/4" guard. Then he did a long sprig on the top of his head without changing back the guards. So his hair was shorter than usual too.

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