Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aubrey's First Easter

We had a great day celebrating Christ's resurrection on Sunday! It was the first time to celebrate this joyous day with Aubrey, and having her in our lives just makes me that much more thankful! We're truly blessed beyond measure.
Aubrey looked so pretty in her Easter outfit, complete with jewelry! A girls gotta have her accessories! ;o)

She got this sweet little bracelet before she was born, and it's been too big up until now. It fit her fat little wrist, but slipped off of her hand. Well, I was determined she would wear it for Easter, choking hazard or not! (Just kidding, OF COURSE!) It finally fit!

David got her dressed and brought her into our room while I was getting ready to show me how sweet she looked. I said, "Aubrey! You look..." Spit up! All down the front of her dress. We cleaned it off and left it on her. These things happen.

We had a great church service, and then we went to my grandparents' house for lunch. Of course we had to get some family pictures while there. You should have seen my family trying to make Aubrey smile. It was very amusing, but it worked! Thanks, yall!

Here we are with Aubrey's uncles. John, Michael, and Joel.

You probably noticed how short David's hair is. Yes, there is a story behind that, but I'll let him explain. ;o)

After church on Sunday night, we went to David's parents' house for dinner. It's always fun when we can see both sets of grandparents in the same day! We had a wonderful day with family and, most importantly, celebrated our Lord's resurrection. Life would be meaningless without the hope we have in Him.

PS - You've probably seen more pictures from Easter on Facebook, but if you don't do Facebook, David will be updating the Picasa soon. I also forgot to mention that Easter was also Aubrey's 7 month "birthday." I know I say this every month, but I can't believe it!


Jennifer Henry said...

That picture of the three of y'all is the BEST!! Her smile is so precious! That oughta be framed! :)

The Williams Family said...

What a good looking group of people! But then again, I am very prejudiced! Haha

Ashley said...

Love the pictures--and I WAS curious about David's hair, I meant to ask you about it today. Hey, why don't we find lots of blogs to leave comments on sometime? HAHAHA!

Rebecca said...

What beautiful family photos!