Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh, the joys of being an unorganized mother...

The other day Aubrey and I went shopping. We had been to lots of stores, and she had been so sweet and stayed in her stroller the whole time. The last store we went into was a department store. (Ironically, the last time we went to this store, Aubrey had a HUGE blowout diaper... see where this is going??) Anyway, while I was looking around, she got really fussy and was heading in the direction of all out screaming in the middle of the store. So I started to pick her up. As I was getting her out of the stroller, I saw we had a little problem. Her diaper had leaked. No worries, this was the last store we were going to, so I thought I would just run into the bathroom and change her and then go home. Well, I realized about this time that I had left her diaper bag in the car. Dumb Mommy. Thankfully, my mom was with us, so she ran out to my car to get the diaper bag.

We met my mom at the bathrooms and went into the family restroom. Something about that room really scared Aubrey because she screamed BLOODY MURDER the whole time we were cleaning her up, and this is very unusual. I think it might have been because the music was really loud in the restroom and the lights were dim. Funny side note: When we came out of the restroom, there were some employees standing outside the door and they asked us if everything was ok, and we said everything was fine. They kind of laughed nervously and said they were wondering if we were beating a baby in there. Yeah, she was really screaming. But she was cooing and smiling as soon as we walked out of the bathroom, so they could see she was fine.

Anyway, back to my story. We were getting Aubrey all cleaned up. We had taken her dirty diaper and clothes off. It was time for the clean diaper. My mom reached into the diaper bag to hand me a diaper and found... nothing. No diapers! So I have this little naked baby (who at this point is still screaming bloody murder) and nothing to put on her. And we weren't even in a store where I could just run go buy some diapers. Thankfully, I did have a burp cloth (cloth diaper). So we basically put it between her legs - it looked like a loin cloth - and just went with it. I was so embarrassed for her (and me, since the whole thing was my fault). I put her back in her stroller (after cleaning it out, of course) and just headed towards the door. It was hot outside too, so I didn't even have a blanket to put over her!

Of course, anytime you're strolling around with a baby you gets lots of attention. At least, that's been my experience. Everyone wants to stop and look at the baby and talk to the baby. Usually I love to stop and show her off, but this time I just smiled and kept on strolling! Ha. I wasn't too eager to reveal my half naked baby! She was happy as she could be after getting cleaned up. Poor baby had no idea she was naked! Everytime I looked at her, so would smile and kick her little legs, and I just laughed hysterically over the whole situation. What else can you do??

We managed to get home without anymore accidents, and I think I've learned my lesson about checking the diaper bag before I leave home. I'm just thankful to be married to an organized man who usually keeps the diaper bag stocked for me ;o)


Jennifer Henry said...

That's hilarious!! I can just picture y'all.... half naked laughing baby and all!

Ashley said...

I love this! Haha!

Anonymous said...

How funny! I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to wont be the last for you Im sure!

P.S. Aubrey is sooo precious! I absolutely love her cheeks...they look squeezable! :)