Monday, December 29, 2008

Aubrey's Christmas - by David

Carrie and I are each writing a story of Aubrey's first Christmas from our own point of view - without first reading what the other one has to say. Should be interesting.

Wednesday we spent Christmas Eve with Carrie's family. First we went to Nana and Papaw's house.

This is Aubrey all dressed up when we were leaving the house. She did very well. She was in a good mood and let the rest of the family hold her. She even took a nap during gift time.

I'm sure she'll be more excited next year.

After we left there, we had our Christmas Eve Communion service at Trinity. She was a good girl and slept through that. There was no nursery so that was an extra blessing. Then we had supper at Grandma's house. Again, Aubrey was well behaved and let everyone pass her around.

Christmas Day we spent with my family. This is from when we were getting ready that morning. Aubrey was being really cute.

Again she did a good job seeing everyone and took a nap that afternoon. Sometimes Aubrey gets grumpy and is only happy with Carrie, so it was good that she wasn't like that.

You can see lots more pictures on my Picasa. I added pictures to her old folder:

And made a new folder:

I don't have as many pictures of Christmas Day because there were so many other cameras going, I figured I'd just get copies from them. I'll let you know when I post those.

Yesterday was another big event in Aubrey's life. She was baptised at church. It was kind of nerve wracking, but she did a good job. No screaming or throwing up or anything. Then we had a big lunch with both our families. Again, I'll have pictures soon.

So Aubrey's first Christmas was really good. I'm sure her second one will be really different.

David Howie


Carrie and David said...

My post isn't better! They're almost the same! I'm surprised you added pictures. I didn't expect that.

The Williams Family said...

I think your take on Aubrey's first Christmas was wonderful and I especially enjoyed the comparison. You both posted some of the same pictures!

Anonymous said...

Aubrey is sooo super precious! Looks like yall had a wonderful 1st Christmas!