Monday, December 29, 2008

Aubrey's first Christmas!

Here is my perspective on Aubrey's first Christmas. I think David is going to write about it from his point of view as well. Christmas with a baby was so fun! Everyone made a big deal out of it, and of course she was the center of attention!

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated with my side of the family. We went to my grandparents' house (my mom's parent's) for lunch and then opened presents. Aubrey got lots of good stuff! She was so excited about her gifts that she slept through all the present opening! :o)
Maybe she'll be more excited next year. Doesn't she look beautiful in her little Christmas dress??
After a fun time at Nana and Papaw's house, we headed to church for the Christmas Eve service. I was kind of nervous because there is no nursery for this service. I was hoping that Aubrey would make it through without getting fussy because I really love the Christmas Eve service. She was great! She slept in her car seat the whole time. Guess the Christmas excitement really wore her out!
After church, we went to my other grandmother's house (my dad's mom) for dinner and presents. Aubrey met some family members for the first time, and she was in a great mood since she had gotten such a long nap during church! She showed them some of her pretty smiles.

On Christmas morning, Aubrey woke up all smiles. She was excited about her first Christmas!
After getting ready, we headed to David's parents' house for the day. His sisters and their husbands were in town, and Aubrey was very happy to see her aunts and uncles! We had a fun time opening lots of presents, and then we enjoyed a wonderful lunch. Aubrey again took a long nap, which I was happy about. This girl gets grumpy if she doesn't get her sleep!

All in all, it was a sweet time with family and our precious baby. We got lots of fantastic gifts: Aubrey got tons of cute clothes, a doll, a DVD, and many more fun things. David and I got gas logs for our fireplace, and our gift to each other is going to be hardwood floors for our living room and hall! I'm very excited. Several family members contributed to our floor fund, which was wonderful! :o) David's sister, Sarah, gave us a framed set of pictures of Aubrey that she had put together. It's so sweet! We felt very blessed by our wonderful family.

Most importantly, it was a time of thanking God for sending His Son, Jesus. We are so thankful for our wonderful Savior, and grateful that He has not only saved us, but blessed our lives so richly!


Carrie and David said...

Wow, your post is lots better than mine.

It's funny to see the pictures that we picked the same and different.

David Howie

The Williams Family said...

I don't think one is better than the other. You both think so much alike. They were very similar and now I can't wait to see all the pictures posted!