Monday, December 22, 2008

wal-mart adventures

Carrie and I have adopted this poor family for Christmas and are of course out shopping at the last minute. So Friday evening after supper, we head out to Wal-mart. Along with just about everyone else in the county. I don't much like crowds, but it wasn't too bad. The hard thing is knowing what to get for these people we've never met. I called and talked to the mother, but she just said anything would be good because they weren't choosy. Not very helpful either.

Aubrey did pretty good though. She was awake and 'talking' a little. We thought she might need her diaper changed, and I picked her up. I was surprised her shirt was wet. She sometimes gets real hot when she's screaming and sweats, but she hadn't been upset. I held her with the burp cloth in case it was pee. But it turned the burp cloth orange. Uh oh.

So we need to change her - diaper and clothes. Not to worry since we have the diaper bag. No backup outfit. But that's ok, we're in Wal-mart for crying out loud. Only 2 wet wipes is not good either, but Carrie says I can use the dry part of the diaper to get most of it off and the wet wipes to finish the job.

So I go in the restroom to change her and Carrie goes to buy a new outfit. I take her clothes off and get her diaper opened it, and it is a BIG one. There is not a dry spot on this diaper anywhere. Those 2 wet wipes don't even make a dent. So I ended up using several of these face wipes that we have. Aubrey's back is covered all the way up to her shoulders. Very yucky. But I got a new diaper on her, and Carrie got her a cute little outfit. I used the plastic bag to store all her old clothes till we could wash them. It all turned out ok, and at least Aubrey wasn't screaming the whole time.

So after about 3 hours we left Wal-mart with 2 things for our family plus Aubrey's new outfit. Not the most productive evening I've ever spent. But I did learn a valuable lesson about always checking the diaper bag stock.

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The Williams Family said...

I think your story is sooo funny! I can't imagine being in Wal-Mart that long without getting very many things for the family, but at least you learned a valuable lesson on checking for wipees and changes of clothes! I'm know that Aubrey didn't mind that she was in the men's restroom, and I think you're great for changing her there!! Johnny would have gone and picked out the new outfit! haha!