Monday, November 10, 2008


We've been taking some little videos of Aubrey now that she is moving around a little and making noises. They are super cute - check them out.

I took this one while holding Aubrey and I couldn't even see the screen. I was pretty pleased with myself that I got her in the picture the whole time. About 3 seconds after I stopped the filming, she threw up all over my shirt, pants, and shoes.

In this one, Carrie gets Aubrey to smile...but not for long.

In this one, we just have fun talking to Aubrey.

I have also updated my picture site.

This one is general pictures of Aubrey:

This one is pictures from weekend before las when we went to Birmingham:

Hope you enjoyed.

David Howie

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KTElltt said...

Addie and I just had a blast watching these videos of "Sweet Baby Aubwey" (that's what Addie calls her). Preciousness!