Wednesday, June 4, 2008

my turn

We're back from a week out of town, and I haven't posted in a while, so I figured I'd let yall know what's going on. Carrie's pregnancy is still going really well. She gets tired more easily and gets a back/rib ache in the evenings, but I figure that's nothing compared to some. I know, I know - easy for me to say. But we are very blessed.

Last night we had our first pregnancy class at the hospital. There were 18 couples in the class. It is 4 weeks long and 2 hours each session. In the first session, the lady talked about different fears we may have and tried to provide information so that we can be prepared to meet some of those fears. She said that we will talk mostly about 'normal' pregnancies and not all the what-if scenarios. We also talked about what to expect when labor actually starts (such as timing contractions and when to call the doctor) and practiced our first relaxation technique. The worst part was when she showed us a video of a birth. I'm definitely staying near Carrie's know, to support her.

It's good to get all the information you can about this kind of thing I guess. We'll do the best we can and pray lots!

David Howie

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KTElltt said...

HAHAHA! I remember that video. We had a HUGE birth class. I remember every single person in that class was white as a sheet when they showed the childbirth video, especially the dads. I know Daniel will never be the same again... Wish I could offer encouragement on the aches and pains. They do get better -- after the baby comes. :) Just because it's not as bad as some doesn't mean she's not uncomfortable. Pregnancy is just not the most comfortable thing in the world!!! Glad to hear some thoughts from your perspective.