Thursday, May 8, 2008

The tables have turned!

As you all know (I hope) Sunday is Mother's Day. This year it has special meaning to me since it will be my first year to actually be a mother. And yes, I do consider myself a mother already. Since life begins at conception, David and I are already parents even though our child isn't born yet. I've seen a lot of maternity ads talking about celebrating Mother's Day as a "mother to be." I understand what they're saying, and I know it will be totally different next Mother's Day when Aubrey is actually born, but I consider this my first Mother's Day nonetheless.

So in honor of my first Mother's Day as a mom, my mom took me shopping. I was complaining on Sunday that none of my church clothes fit me anymore. All my dresses look like they're too small in my opinion. So she bought me 2 dresses and a skirt. It was really sweet, and I'm looking forward to having some things to wear to church that I feel comfortable in. The weird part though, was Mother's Day shopping with my mom, buying stuff for ME. I kept thinking that it was backwards, and that we should be looking for something for her instead of shopping at Motherhood Maternity. When she gave me the bag and said, "Happy Mother's Day" I felt like a full-fledged grown up. Hehe :)

Speaking of being grown up, this weekend we're going to David's 10 year high school reunion at JA. Now THAT means he's grown up (old)! Haha. That also makes me feel young. It should be interesting though. I won't really know anybody. But neither will he when you think about it. He hasn't spoken to or seen most of these people in 10 years. I think that means he won't really KNOW anybody. But I guess that's the point of a reunion - to get reacquainted, at least for a day. We're not going to the Yacht Club on Saturday night. We're just going to the social at the school Saturday afternoon. Good times, good times.


Joy said...

Awww, that's so sweet! Happy Mother's Day, Carrie!

Jennifer said...

Hey Carrie! I was just on facebook wondering how that precious bump of yours is doing.... I'm so happy for y'all! Glad to hear Aubrey is doing well!

KTElltt said...

That was so sweet of your mom and I loved your dress yesterday!!!! You're right -- it's your first mother's day. So much fun! And honestly, I don't think it was incredibly different to me until Carter was about 2 and able to hand me the card himself and say "Happy Mudder Daih (drool)!" ;) But it was cool to know that the day was for me and that I was being honored in some way. Being a mom is definitely awesome!