Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I felt Aubrey move for the first time on Sunday night. Carrie, of course, feels her move all the time - inside and out. But for a while, whenever Carrie would tell me she was moving and I'd put my hand on her stomach, there would be no more movement. It seems like Aubrey usually moves a little and then gets still again. But Sunday night just before bed time, I finally felt her move. It was like someone thumped me with their finger. It actually made me jump. And then I felt her again right after that.

It's totally amazing that there is a tiny little person (probably less than a pound) inside my wife that can move enough to be felt on the outside of her skin. It's incredible what God is doing.

David Howie


Anonymous said...

Wow! How much fun is that!

Fran Peacock

KTElltt said...

Awesome. I'll never forget the first time Daniel felt Carter kick. Addie moved much more in the womb -- Carter was very sedate -- imagine that! :) But it was really cool to watch Daniel's reaction to the person growing inside of me making contact with the outside world. I can't imagine your excitement... Congrats, Dad!