Monday, May 19, 2008

Progress in the Nursery!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have made some serious progress on our nursery! I ordered the bedding!! I'm so excited about my baby bedding. We're having it made from a company called Pine Creek. They make baby bedding and big kids bedding and all kinds of accessories to go with it. They have a fun website, but you can't order anything from Pine Creek online. They sell through stores, like Play Pen and Nursery Rhymes, which is where I ordered mine. They have a book of patterns to choose from and over 200 fabrics. I'm getting a dust ruffle and bumper pads. I didn't really think I needed a blanket to match the bedding, and I'm going to use a solid sheet. Here are some pictures of our fabrics:

Of course, the pictures don't do justice to how precious the fabrics are in person. The fabric with the elephant on it (It has other animals like monkeys, giraffes, etc.) is going to be the outside of the bumper pads. The green fabric with the pink and green lines is going to be the inside of the bumper pads. The bumpers are going to have a square panel on the inside of the white fabric, and we're going to have a pink "H" monogrammed on the panel. (I did a really bad job of describing that - sorry! I'll post lots of pictures when it is made in July.) The trim and ties on the bumpers are going to be the the rose Dupioni silk. Aubrey will have very limited contact with the silk for practical purposes! Also, the bumper pads are going to be slip covers. We will be able to unzip them and take them to the cleaners. That will be nice!

The dust ruffle is going to be the green fabric. It will be a tailored style - no pleats. There will be a ruffle at the bottom of the dust ruffle, and it will be the rose silk. Obviously, I'm very excited about the bedding and have probably told you way more than you cared to know. I'm just so glad to get exactly what I wanted and something that will be unique. Now that we have our fabric samples, we're going to pick paint colors and get going! I will be sure to post before and after pictures of the nursery.

We also ordered the furniture! We got the sleigh bed crib that I love, and a changing table to match. It's a very practical changing table. It's got drawers and the "changing table" part just looks like the top of a dresser when it doesn't have a changing pad on it. We will definitely be able to use it even after we no longer need a changing table. I got all the furniture at Nursery Rhymes too. By the way, I really like that store and would recommend it. They have very cute stuff, and the people who work there are extremely helpful. I even registered there. It's my first place to register! :) Anyway, the furniture is supposed to be here in about 8 weeks. Now all I need is a glider... I have my eye on one of those at Nursery Rhymes too, but I'm going to shop around a little bit.

Hope you can make sense of the fabrics. If not, there are lots more pictures to come when it's all put together. So stay tuned :)


Joy said...

YAY! I'm so excited to see pictures of your bedding fabrics! It's going to look SO cute!! I love it already!! Good job picking it all out :)

Ashley said...

I love reading about your little baby adventure! I really am thrilled for you. By the way, you laid out those fabrics like a true [FORMER] Interior Design major! :o) I am determined that we will get together....even if it has to be AFTER baby! Love you!

KTElltt said...

Love the fabrics! They're beautiful. I never doubted that you'd come up with something unique!!! Can't wait to see the finished product...