Thursday, September 4, 2014

Getting Ready for School!

The past couple of weeks have been a little busy! Aubrey and Jude start their two day a week school program on Monday, and my to-do list to get them ready for school has felt a mile long. There were lunch boxes and water bottles and school supplies and ballet outfits and tap shoes and violins and school shoes to buy. Oh my! I've gotten most of that crossed off the list, but there are still some last minute things to get this weekend. Aubrey has to make an "about me" poster for the first day of school to present in class. She loves being artistic and making things, so I'm going to let her decide what she wants to do. I might offer a suggestion or two ;) But I know she'll have her own ideas. I had a full day of shopping for all of these items planned for yesterday, and then Aubrey woke up in the night with a stomach bug. Ughhh. Thankfully, she was fine by that morning, but it forced us to have a laid back day at home. Not necessarily a bad thing. But my to-do list was screaming at me in my head.

We have back to school night tonight, and I'm excited for the kids to meet their teachers - especially Jude, since this will be his first year at school. I've been a little worried about how he's going to do. It's just always hard to send your baby out into the "world" for the first time when he's been with you everyday of his life. But today when we were fitting him for his tap shoes and measuring him for his violin, he was so sweet and cooperative. It gave me a little bit of confidence that he's ready. The time is right, and I'm praying that Aubrey and Jude will both have a great year! Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to a little bit of one-on-one time with Alaina. Last year when Aubrey was at school, I really enjoyed my time with just Jude and Alaina, so I know this time with Alaina will be sweet. Because, let's face it, the thought of running errands and getting stuff done with just one child seems like a walk in the park! Ha! I know last year, just having two kids made it SO much easier to get in and out of stores.

We've started our school routine at home, too. Nothing too hardcore yet. Their school gave us some assignments to get done before school starts, and we've had fun working on them. I know that homeschooling isn't always going to be a piece of cake. I actually expect it to be pretty hard and challenging at times. But I'm SO thankful to have this time with my children. Our school situation feels so perfect for us right now. Our kids get to do so many wonderful things through their school and they get the opportunity to make some sweet friends, plus I get some guidance and accountability in the work that we do at home. But I feel like the days that I get to spend at home surrounded by my babies are such a gift. I'm so glad that they'll be with me more than they'll be away from me. There are definitely times when the thought of sending them all to school and having 4 or 5 days a week to myself is VERY appealing, but even in the midst of that, I have such peace that this is the right fit for our family right now. We'll see if I still feel that way in January..... hahaha!

So, we've been busy with life, and that's why the blog has once again been neglected. Things should calm down and return to normal next week, so I'll hopefully be able to post more regularly then :)


Rebecca said...

So exciting! What do they do at school? Is it just special activities, like music and dance?

Angie said...

The start of school is such an exciting time. I hope they both have a great year :)