Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Highlights

Last week started out really rough with Jude's sickness. I was super worried about him, and I also just felt really isolated in my house for most of the week. I feel like I didn't get out or see anyone all week, and it just wasn't a good combination. Thankfully, by the end of the week, Jude was MUCH better and we had a good weekend!

Aubrey, Alaina, and I went to church and Sunday school on Sunday, and David and Jude went to the doctor. When we got home from church, Jude was asleep on the couch.
I cooked spaghetti for lunch, and we ate. We took naps that afternoon. David and the girls went to church that night, and Jude and I stayed home. He pretty much just laid on the couch with his head in my lap. He didn't want to watch a movie or anything :( When David and the girls got home, we ate dinner and then put everyone to bed. It was a long night with not a lot of sleep.

I took Jude back to the doctor Monday morning, and David stayed home with Aubrey and Alaina. Jude and I were gone for a couple of hours, and they did lots of tests at the doctor. Everything looked pretty normal, so they said he likely had a virus. We came home, and David went to work. The rest of the day was long. Jude was whiny and fussy all day. He took a nap in his room during rest time, but he wasn't any better when he woke up. Megan stopped by to pick up her freezer meals that I had cooked over the weekend. I had dinner going in the crockpot, and I put some potatoes in the oven. I then took the kids to church where David was teaching karate. David drove the kids home, and I went to a consignment preview sale. I took my time looking and found some cute things for the kids. It was nice to be out of the house. When I got home, everyone had eaten dinner, but Jude was still whining and I got stressed out again. I ate my dinner, and David took the kids for a walk for a change of scenery. I stayed home and enjoyed the quiet. We put everyone to bed when they got home. Sadly, we had another bad night.

When we got up on Tuesday, we called the doctor and told them that Jude wasn't any better. They said to watch him that morning and to bring him in for an x-ray that afternoon if he didn't improve. Well, wouldn't you know, he acted a lot more normal that morning! He still said his tummy hurt, but he wasn't crying and whining non-stop. I was pretty encouraged. We actually even did some school work to distract him.
He LOVED cutting stuff out.
I was able to get a few things done around the house, too. We ate lunch and then I put the kids down for rest time. Jude fell asleep again, and he woke up crying and screaming that his stomach hurt :( After such a good morning, I was SO discouraged. I went to his room and laid with him and we both ended up falling asleep. He was still unhappy when he woke up. David came home for a little while that afternoon. He had a meeting at church that night, so he had about an hour and a half at home before he needed to leave. I let him take over kid duty, and I went to Book A Million. I just browsed for a long time and bought my book club book. I then went to Whole Foods and got myself some dinner. When I got home, Jude was playing but still complaining about his stomach. David left for his meeting, and the kids and I loaded up in the car and drove through Chick Fil A to get dinner for them. Jude cried the whole time we were in the car. When we got home, we took their dinner outside to the deck to eat. Jude didn't eat much and complained about his tummy constantly. We came inside and I bathed the kids. Jude's complaining just escalated until he was literally wailing about his stomach. I was stressed to the max. I did manage to get everyone to bed, and David got home shorty after that. I told him that we definitely needed to take Jude for an x-ray the next day, and he agreed. But then our night was better than it had been in days. Jude still woke up several times, but he calmed down much more quickly and went back to sleep more easily.

When Jude woke up on Wednesday, he acted totally normal. He was playing, eating (a ton!), laughing, and not mentioning his stomach at all. David and I agreed that I'd watch him that morning and if he started complaining about his stomach at ALL, we'd call and get him an appointment. But he didn't! It was the strangest thing. After such an AWFUL evening the night before, it was like a switched was flipped and suddenly I had my happy child back. I was super thankful but almost afraid to fully exhale. We just hung out at home again.
This little girl is my shadow. How dare I walk up the stairs without her??
We did more cutting that morning. I put the kids down for rest time. I was nervous because that was when Jude went downhill the day before. But I could hear him in his room playing instead of napping! (This is what he normally does. He had only been napping since he had gotten sick. I was SO excited to hear him banging stuff around and playing up there.) My mom came over during rest time because she was over on this side of town. It was nice to see another adult :) I let Aubrey and Jude come downstairs early to play with her, and my mom agreed that Jude seemed totally fine. Megan came by and dropped off my freezer meals that she had cooked. My mom left to go to church early, and David came home. Things continued to go well with Jude. This was our first Wednesday night back at church after the summer break, and Aubrey, Alaina, and I went while the boys stayed home. We ate dinner, and then I taught the 4 and 5 year olds (This is Aubrey and Jude's class. I've never taught my own kids at church.) My friend Anna and I are teaching together. After church, I brought the girls home, and David said Jude was still good. My mom came and picked me up, and we went to Whole Foods for coffee for a friend's birthday. We had fun! I got home late, and we went to bed. For the first time since Friday night, we actually SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!

Things were still good on Thursday, so I knew we NEEDED to get out of the house. We got ready and went to Wal-Mart to get some school supplies. Taking the kids school supply shopping with me was kind of a mistake. They wanted everything and Alaina was screaming and I couldn't focus at all. I threw a few things in the buggy and decided that I would go back without them to finish out the list ;) After Wal-Mart, we ate lunch at McAlister's. It was pretty packed which always makes it tricky to navigate with all of the kids by myself. But I was still so happy to be out and about! When we got home, I put the kids down for their rest.
I was even able to do my nails during rest time. Things were definitely looking up!
David came home that afternoon, and then we went to dinner with his family that night. His sister who lives in California was in town, and it was so nice to see her! We ate at Corner Bakery and had a nice time. It STORMED while we were there, so I got some coffee and we waited it out. Again, I was just so happy for a change of scenery, so no complaints from me!

There was another consignment sale that I wanted to go to on Friday, so my mom came over to keep the kids. Meanwhile, David and my brothers were at our old house getting the "last few things" out of there since we are renting it. I found some good stuff at the sale. Then I got in line. And stood there for over an hour. Oh my goodness, it was SO SLOW. When I finally got out of there and got home, my house was full! Of people and STUFF. My mom, dad, two brothers, and David were all there. And the kids, of course. And our house was a WRECK.
Thankfully, David had gotten pizza, though, so that softened the blow of the messy house a bit ;) Everyone left (David went to work for a while), and I got the kids down for rest. I then got to work trying to get the house put back together. David came home and we got a lot done. We moved furniture and hung some stuff on the walls. We got the kids up and went to dinner at Jaco's Tacos. We then went to Home Depot and got blinds for Jude's room. We hung one set in Jude's room when we got home and put the kids to bed late.

Saturday started out rough. The kids were just having a BAD day. One was throwing temper tantrum after temper tantrum and the others were just wild and not listening. David and I were about ready to run out of the house screaming by mid morning ;) We were also trying to get a lot done around the house because we were having his family over that night. We did manage to get a lot done! While the kids napped, I went to the grocery store. We cooked hamburgers that night, and David's parents, sister from Texas, and his mom's cousin came over. My mother-in-law's birthday was the next day, so we had a little celebration. It was fun!!
After they left, we got the kids bathed and to bed.

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