Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekly Highlights

Our week was good! Pretty uneventful. I took very few pictures for some reason.

We had a good morning at church and Sunday school on Sunday. We came home for lunch, and then we napped that afternoon. That night after church, we ate dinner at Whole Foods.

We had a really low-key Monday. I got some cleaning done around the house, and the kids played and watched a movie. David came home after work, and I cooked dinner.
Silly girl :)
We ate out on the deck, and I went on a walk after dinner while David bathed the kids.

I had Bible study Tuesday morning. It was a super small group, but it went well! After it was over, we visited with my dad and brothers at church for a few minutes and then headed home. I fixed the kids lunch and put them down for rest time. That evening, I had book club. Except we didn't read a book last month. Shhh. ;) We just got together to visit and talk about our plan for next month. Any excuse will do ;) Anyway, it was super fun! We sat outside at McAlisters and talked for a long time.

Wednesday was kind of a crazy day. We had our individual curriculum counseling at Aubrey and Jude's school at 11, so I got myself and the kids ready and took the kids to my mom's house. David met me at the school, and we had our meeting. Afterwards, I got lunch at Corner Bakery, and then I picked the kids up from my mom. We came home for naps. I fixed a quick dinner, and we were just about to leave for small group when one of our babysitters cancelled on us. So, I had to stay at the church and help in the nursery instead of going to small group. I was bummed because this was our last meeting, but you gotta do what you gotta do!
My view for two hours.
I must say that small group seemed a LOT longer sitting in the nursery than it did when I was actually there. Ha! It was fine, though! We put the kids to bed as soon as we got home.

We went to tutoring on Thursday. This was the last day of summer tutoring. It makes me sad that all of our summer activities are coming to a close :( It went by so quickly! After tutoring, we hung out at church for a while. I visited with Megan, and our kids played. We came home for lunch. That evening, I cooked dinner and we ate outside again. I went on another walk that night during bath time :)

Friday was a pretty boring day. I thought about going to Target, but the morning got away from me and we just stayed at home all day. I read to the kids a lot longer than usual after lunch, so it wasn't a completely unproductive day :) That night, we went to Jaco's Tacos for dinner. Going to a Mexican place for dinner when I can't eat chips wasn't the smartest idea :-/ I enjoyed my lettuce tacos, though. We made a Kroger run after dinner, and David and I watched the 3rd Bourne movie after the kids were in bed.

I had another meeting at the kids' school on Saturday. This one was ALL DAY. It was really good. But super overwhelming. It was just a lot of information to take in at once. I'm still processing.
We ate a potluck lunch there and listened to lots of different teachers and watched a DVD. I also enjoyed visiting with some of the other moms :) I got there at 9am and left at 4:45pm. Whew! I stopped at Target and Whole Foods on my way home. We scrounged something simple up for dinner - scrambled eggs and Ezekiel bread for the family - and had a low-key evening. David bathed the kids, and we got them to bed.

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