Friday, August 1, 2014

Beach Pictures - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I've been meaning to post these pictures that we took when we went to the beach in late June. We got some really cute ones, and some really.... amusing ;) ones. Taking pictures of three kids isn't easy, but I guess the bad ones are the ones we'll laugh about in years to come. This was when Jude had the terrible sunburn around his eyes. Poor thing looked pitiful. Thankfully, it faded quickly and his skin looked normal again in no time :)
At first, Aubrey was not feeling the pictures at all.
Daddy had to have a little talk with her about her attitude.
Meanwhile, Jude was being surprisingly cooperative. He's usually the one who wouldn't enjoy posing for pictures.
Blank stares. And maybe a scowl thrown in for good measure.
Oh, their lives are so hard! AKA - "Alaina the Drama Queen." ;)
Yeah, this is going nowhere fast.
But suddenly, Aubrey snaps out of it and decides that pictures aren't torture after all.
MUCH better :)
Oh, but shoot. Now Jude's melting down.
Maybe some pictures with adults will help.
Jude looks like he's praying for patience. David and I probably had similar expressions ;)
I love Alaina in this one!
Annnd... Jude's figured out that this fence is clearly there for hanging ;)
Aubrey is posing even while we're walking up the hill closer to the ocean.
And Jude is coming up with his own unique "poses."
I have no idea.
Jude is up to something... his wheels are turning.
Wait, what's he doing? Surely he's not....
Oh. Yep. He's throwing sand.
Poor Alaina.
Alaina is annoyed. Aubrey is trying to hold her pose and maintain her composure.
And here goes Alaina. Of course.
That's right, Aubrey. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Sweet Aubrey. Still smiling and trying to allow us to get some good pictures. Such a first child move ;)
And the babies just don't even care.
So let's just leave them to play in the sand and take advantage of these pretty smiles.
But now Jude wants to pose like Aubrey. Whoo for positive peer pressure! ;)
Jude looks like he's thinking, "Um, Mom? Those people are staring at us. I feel like an idiot."
And that's a wrap!! Love these crazy kids of mine!!

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Nathalie said...

Alaina looks so grown up! Wasn't she JUST a baby?? Such sweet-looking kids!