Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekly Highlights

Last week had its rough spots. We are in the midst of trying to get our house repaired after the tub incident, and it's just a mess. We have floor partially torn out, holes in the ceilings, furniture in random places in random rooms... and I just don't really function well in chaos. We did have someone come out and fix the sheetrock towards the end of the week, and it's really nice to have one thing checked off the list. But there's now a fine layer of sheetrock dust ALL over the house. Alaina also came down with a stomach bug last week. For someone with a throw up phobia like me, that's always SUPER stressful. Thankfully, she was only sick three times, and no one else got it. Praise the Lord. The week definitely had some good moments too, though!

We went to church and Sunday School on Sunday. Aubrey had a cough and ended up coughing ALL during church. We didn't want to send her to Sunday School coughing like that, so she and I just hung out in an empty room and visited during Sunday School :) We went out to lunch with my family and my grandmother after church. We came home for naps and went back to church that evening. We ate dinner at Jason's Deli.

We got this book from the library the last time we went, and I read it to Alaina for the first time before bed. I got a little teary! Such a sweet book written by a grandmother.
We were having an insurance adjuster come on Monday morning to figure out how much damage our house had and to give us a check ;) David stayed home and met with him. He ended up being here for HOURS, so after a while, David went on to work. My friend Megan dropped her three sweet girls off over here to play for a while. Aubrey LOVES Megan's oldest daughter, so she was super excited to have a friend over! We had a great time with our little friends! I think 6 kids is totally doable! ;) Ha! Megan picked them up after lunch, and I put my kids down for naps. We just hung out at home the rest of the day.
Jude was kissing a bobo on Alaina's knee. AWWWW!
That evening after David got home I cooked dinner, and we ate outside. The kids got FILTHY playing in the mud, so we bathed them before bed.

I got up and started getting ready for Bible Study on Tuesday morning. When I got Alaina up, I realized that she had thrown up :( So, no Bible Study! She ended up getting sick two more times. Poor, poor baby. I just sat and held her until she felt better. 
Poor sick baby :( After changing shirts twice, we just gave up on clothes, and I pulled her hair back. We were ready.

She was pitiful one minute, and then suddenly, it's like it just passed and she was FINE. She got down and started playing and was normal the rest of the day. I had to keep reminding Aubrey and Jude that she WAS sick and we needed to be careful about germs. It's amazing how quickly kids bounce back after stomach sickness. David came home that afternoon, and I cooked dinner. We ate outside again. While David bathed the kids, I took our dog Knightly for a walk. This was my first time out of the house all day, and it was nice. I came home in time to help get the kids to bed.

On Wednesday, we had the drywall people come over to start getting our holes patched.
In no time at all, we had a fine layer of drywall dust on EVERYTHING. This makes me really thankful that we didn't buy a fixer upper (there was a short time period when I REALLY wanted to). I don't do well in messes and chaos.
The kids and I had a low-key morning. My mom came over right after lunch to keep the kids while I went to my yearly checkup. Fun times! Being at the OBGYN's office always brings back SO many memories! Thankfully, I didn't have to wait HOURS like I sometimes do. When I got home, the kids were napping and my mom and I visited. She just ended up staying until church time so that she wouldn't have to drive all the way home and back. That night at church, we had pizza and decorated for VBS.

Thursday morning was uneventful, and then the kids and I met my mom and brother for lunch at Beagle Bagel. That was fun! After we ate, my mom walked to Whole Foods with us so that I could get some pizza sauce.
This picture wasn't from that day, but it was too cute not to post. Jude was wearing David's hat :)
We came home after that, and I put the kids down for naps. I straightened up the house and made some pizza dough (I had already planned to cook pizza for dinner before I realized we'd be having it on Wednesday, too). David and the kids played outside while I cooked our pizza, and we ate dinner outside, yet again. I think we'll make that our norm this summer. At least as long as it's not too hot to enjoy. I took Knightly on another walk after dinner. Hopefully that will also become a summer habit :)
While Knightly and I were out walking, we came upon a big crowd of cars and people dressed VERY nicely coming in and out of a fancy house on our street. I walked past a man loading a tripod into his car, and he told me they were doing a photo shoot with Dan Aykroyd. How lame am I that I had to google to find out who that was?! Hahaha! Apparently I've lived a very sheltered life ;)
Friday was a pretty boring day. The sheetrock guy came early that morning (like I was still in the bed asleep when I heard the doorbell ring. ha!) and finished everything up. The kids and I just stayed home all day. I was sleepy all day and just felt kind of blah and lazy. We had a wedding at our church on Saturday, and since I'm the wedding coordinator's assistant, I had to go to the rehearsal that night. David was doing sound for the wedding, so he also had to go. My mom came to keep the kids, and David and I went to church. The rehearsal went well, and afterwards, David and I got to go to dinner at one of my favorites: Amerigo! It was a fun little mini date night! When we got home, the kids were in bed. We talked to my mom a while, and then she went home.

We all got up and got ready on Saturday morning. We ate breakfast at Whole Foods, went to the Farmer's Market to get honey, and then headed to the pool! I've been wanting to take the kids to the pool, but I wanted to try it with David first to see if it's doable by myself. Um, it's not. Ha! Our kids ran in three different directions. This will definitely have to be a Saturday thing, or I'll be dropping Alaina off at my mom's house (it's super close to our pool) before we go. We had so much fun, though!
We stayed for two hours, and the kids were all upset when we had to leave ;) We came home and put the kids down for naps. I got ready and fixed the kids some pasta for dinner. David's mom kept the kids that night while David and I were at the wedding. Thankfully, everything went well and it was a beautiful wedding! We helped clean up, and then David went home to get the kids to bed and I went to McAlister's and the grocery store :)

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