Sunday, June 1, 2014

Well, hey!

Goodness, I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I've blogged! I think about blogging a lot and definitely still have the desire to document our lives. But I let myself get so overwhelmed when I get behind on blogging. I always feel like I need to come back with this big long post that will recap everything I've missed and include a million pictures. And, frankly, I just never can get excited about taking the time to do that. Haha! So I put it off, but then that imaginary post just gets longer and longer in my head ;) I finally accept the fact that I'm never going to be able to really catch up, so I pop back on and am just like, "Hey. Still here." Ha! So yeah, this is that post :)

We've been doing well, and I can't really even think of a valid reason why I haven't blogged in so long. On one hand, I feel like we've been really busy lately. We moved, I went to NYC (that's it's own post), we hosted a graduation cookout for my brother, plus all the everyday things that keep us busy. But on the other hand, I feel like we've been in a really good, leisurely place lately. One thing that has been SO great about our move is that I just feel like our lives are less rushed. Living close to all of our activities allows us to move at a more leisurely pace, and I've enjoyed that so much. And having David home 20 minutes earlier every afternoon has been wonderful. We definitely feel like moving was such a good thing for our family. Our neighbors have been SO friendly and kind. It's interesting to us that we lived in our old house for 4 1/2 years, and not ONE person EVER came and introduced themselves to us. We've lived here a month and we've met lots of people. Both of our next door neighbors gave us their phone numbers and told us to call them anytime if we ever need anything. One of them happens to be a pediatrician and he said that he makes house calls day or night. Let's hope he doesn't live to regret telling me that! ;) Anyway, all that to say, we're really happy with our house and our street, and we just feel so thankful to be here!

As I said, we hosted a graduation get-together for my brother, Michael, on Memorial Day. My parents did all of the food, so basically all David and I did was clean our house. The weekend before the party, we spent a lot of time getting our house ready. We were already unpacked and fairly settled, but I just felt like our house looked blah and undecorated. So, I went and raided our old house and took most of our pictures down off the walls. (We had left them there so that our house wouldn't feel so "empty" for showings, but I decided that pictures aren't going to sell a house. It just seemed more important for me to be able to nest and feel settled in our new home.) David and I spent a lot of time before the party hanging pictures, and I was really pleased with how things were coming along. This house was just starting to feel more and more like "home." The party went well on Monday. And then came Tuesday. The kids were playing upstairs while I cleaned the kitchen after lunch. I could hear them, and I was checking in with them every few minutes (this is a normal thing). When I got the kitchen clean, I called them downstairs. They've really gotten into watching a "cooking show" (The Pioneer Woman is their favorite - haha!) before their rest time. It's a good way to get them settled down a bit before rest. Anyway, we watched an episode, and then we were about to go upstairs for rest time when I heard what sounded like running water coming from the playroom (that is downstairs). I went in there and found water literally pouring from the ceiling. I ran upstairs, and the master bathtub was on and overflowing onto the floor. To make a long story short, I discovered that Jude had turned the tub on when he was upstairs (he "confessed"), and I didn't realize that the water was running until it was everywhere. David came home, we called someone to come dry everything out, and we've had huge fans and dehumidifiers in our house since Wednesday. Turns out there was QUITE a bit of damage. They had to rip out floors and parts of ceilings in several rooms downstairs to get everything dry. Fun times. So.... we've basically spent as much time as possible out of our house since Wednesday, and it'll be a while before everything is really put back together. It is just discouraging that this happened right after we had worked so hard on our house and were finally feeling settled. But really all we can do is laugh. Jude wasn't being malicious. He just honestly didn't know better, and he seemed genuinely sorry when he realized the damaged that was done. And I'm thankful that everything that was damaged is just stuff. I'm hopeful that this won't happen again :) Never a dull moment, though!

So there's a brief update on what's going on with us these days. My goal this week is going to be to just blog something several times. Blogging is just so much easier and more enjoyable for me when I get into a good groove and stay on top of it!

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