Friday, March 28, 2014

New House, Part Two (Pictures!!)

Ok, since I shared the story of how we ended up choosing this house yesterday, today it's time for some pictures! I apologize in advance for the quality of these pictures. I just snapped them with my phone, and I don't even have pictures of every single room. But this will give you an idea. I'll obviously be taking and posting lots more pictures as we move in and start decorating! (I didn't realize until I had already uploaded the pictures for this post how truly terrible the pictures are! Most of them were taken at night and they're grainy and you can't really tell much. I also didn't have as many as I thought. Ah well, you'll get an idea, I suppose.)

As you walk in the front door, you see the stairs.
To the left of the front door is a room that we're going to use as an office/school room. We're going to put our old leather couch in here and a desk for now. If homeschooling ends up working out well for our family, we'd eventually like to have some desks and bookshelves built in where a lot of kids can sit and work on school at once :) We're going to wait a few years on that, though.
To the right of the front door is the dining room. I want to change out the chandelier at some point, but that's something that can wait a while if need be.
Through the French doors is the living room. I'm not sure how this room will end up looking. We're going to be in the market for a new couch pretty soon (I love our white slipcovered sofa, but it's in terrible shape), so I'm just going wait for inspiration to strike after we get moved in :)
Off the living room and dining room is the kitchen. It's not a huge kitchen, but it actually has a LOT of storage, which I love! At first I wasn't in love with the black granite, and it's still not what I would have picked, but it has really grown on me. I want to replace the backsplash with white subway tile, and I think I'll really like it when we get that done. I love a classic black and white kitchen. I'd also like to do something to beef up the island a bit. The breakfast nook is bright and sunny, and I love looking out into the backyard.
The laundry room is off the kitchen, but it's nothing special, so I didn't take any pictures :)

There is a little hallway off the living room that leads to a half bath (I don't have a picture of that) and the downstairs bedroom that we're going to use as a playroom. When we get a new couch for our living room, we'll move our old white one in here. I think we're also going to have a TV and DVD player in here so the kids can watch movies. We'll also need some kind of toy storage/organization system. The great thing about using a bedroom as a playroom is that there is a large closet in here that we'll be able to use for toys. There's also a full bathroom in this room. (Ugh, I guess I didn't take any pictures of this room. It's a nice sized room with two windows... or maybe just one window? Haha! I can't even remember what it looks like. I'll take more pictures soon.)

Now for the upstairs!

This is the master bedroom. I want to redo our bedroom, but I'm not really sure what I want to do yet. All I know is that I want to make an upholstered headboard and I already have that fabric.
Here's the master bathroom. It's nice... nothing special.
Down the hall on the right is Aubrey's room. She is SUPER excited about the built-in desk in her room. She loves to draw and build legos, so I think she'll get a lot of use out of this desk! I think we're going to leave her room basically the same as it is now. I still love the fabric in her room, and she wants pink walls again :) I want to get a rug for the floor and hang her chandelier.
Alaina's room is to the left. This is the smallest bedroom, but I think it's the perfect size for a nursery :) We're going to leave the nursery basically the same, too. I love that it's pretty gender neutral, and I'd like to keep it that way. I might even do stripes on the crib wall again. I haven't decided about that, though.
Jude's room is at the end of the hallway, and it's technically the bonus room. Meaning it's really big and it has no closet. We decided to give this room to Jude because there's really no wall big enough for Aubrey's double bed, but I think Jude's two twin beds will look great in here. The no closet situation won't be a big deal for now. We'll keep all of his pajamas in his dresser like we do now, and I think we'll store his clothes in one of the master closets (there's two in the new house, and David and I are used to sharing one). Usually I pick out the kids' clothes the night before and get them dressed downstairs anyway. There are several doors that lead to the attic in Jude's room, and we'll probably turn one of those into a closet down the road when Jude needs his clothes to actually be in his room ;)
There is only one bathroom other than the master upstairs, so all of the kids will be sharing it for now. This will be a big adjustment because both Aubrey and Jude have bathrooms in their rooms currently, so they don't have to leave their rooms during rest time or night time now. It's actually a rule that they can't leave their rooms without permission. So we'll have to get used to them leaving their rooms to use the restroom now. I hope they don't take advantage of that! ;) Depending on how many kids we end up having, we might add another bathroom upstairs in the attic area off the bonus room. I'm thinking we might need a "girl bathroom" and a "boy bathroom" one day :) (Apparently I don't have a picture of this bathroom either. It's just a standard bathroom. Bathtub, toilet, and vanity with one sink.)

So, that the inside of the house! I need to get some good pictures of backyard. We have a screened porch that I'm super excited about! We also have a new deck that I really like. Now we just need to get a fence put up, and we'll be set!

I'm thankful that we bought a house that's move in ready and doesn't need any major work. I mentioned several things that we'd like to do, but nothing HAS to be done. I'm sure we'll also do some painting, but I actually like the color that's on the walls now. Until our current house sells, we'll be on a pretty tight budget, so nothing will be happening immediately.


Kristal said...

It's beautiful, Carrie! I love all the molding and the flooring. The sloped ceilings upstairs are awesome too!

Nathalie said...

What a beautiful home!!! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing how you decorate it!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

So pretty!! I love all of the arches and the built-in desk is wonderful!