Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Highlights

So, as I've already mentioned, last week wasn't great. It really isn't one that I care to record so that I can relive it in the future, so I'm really just going to give the true highlights of the week. Because even in the blah weeks, there are always good moments. I don't ever want to try to make it seem like my life is all good or that everything is perfect, but my personality tends to be one that focuses and dwells on the negative sometimes (unfortunately). So, it's great for me to intentionally look for the positives and focus on them. And that's exactly what I'm going to do! :)

Sunday was a good day of rest. I always enjoy spending the Lord's day with our church family :) We had lunch at my grandmother's after church, which was fun!
On Monday while Aubrey was at school, the little kids and I went to the park for a walk in our new stroller! I love my new stroller, and I loved that time to just walk and think. After our walk, we played at the park :)
Alaina picked out her own bow that morning ;)
David was at home for dinner on Monday night, which was a nice treat. Mondays are always better when Daddy is home!

On Tuesday at Bible study, it was just me and my sweet friend Megan. We spent the hour praying and just talking. She's such a sweet, encouraging friend, and I love spending time with her :) That afternoon, Jude actually took a nap! This NEVER happens! He looked so sweet when I went to get him up :)
David had a meeting at church that night, and I was going to cook pizza for dinner, but I realized that we didn't have any cheese. I decided to ditch cooking, and the kids and I went to dinner at McAlister's. It was a good decision :) I enjoyed being able to just eat with them without having to worry about cooking or cleaning up!

We went to the park to walk again while Aubrey was at school on Wednesday.
This was the day we found out that our buyers had withdrawn from their contract, so I was feeling BLAH. But I looked around and realized that it was a beautiful day, we were at the park, and I got to spend my morning with two of my FAVORITE people. I have so much to be thankful for, and I tried to focus on that instead of feeling sorry for myself :) I let the kids play again after our walk, and it was a good morning.
He's my little monkey :)
We went to church that evening, and I had a nice time visiting with some friends.

Thursday was a weird day. Jude woke up crying about his neck hurting. I assumed he meant his throat and thought he probably had drainage and would feel better after he got up. The problem ended up just escalating all morning, though, and he would scream and cry every time he moved his neck.
Poor buddy :(
By this point, I realized that it really was his actual neck that was hurting him, so I called the doctor. The nurse mentioned the possibility of meningitis and asked if I could bring him in right away. I had just gotten out of the shower and was in my robe with wet hair, and the kids were all in pj's. I threw clothes on myself and Jude, and didn't even bother getting the girls dressed I was so freaked out. David met us at the doctor and took Jude in while I waited in the car with Aubrey and Alaina. The HUGE positive that day was that Jude was diagnosed with just a crick in his neck. SO thankful that's all it was!!! That really reminded me that, while it's a huge bummer to have lost our buyers, I am so incredibly thankful for our health! Owning two homes is nothing compared to my children's health! The rest of the day was uneventful after all of that "excitement." We skipped tutoring that afternoon since Jude's neck was bothering him so much and just laid low at home.

Thankfully, by Friday, Jude was as good as new :) We had a low-key day at home. Aubrey said she didn't feel good, though, and I noticed that afternoon that she was running fever :( My mom came over that evening to keep the kids, and David and I had a date night!
This was actually after we got home from our date. David didn't wear his "Bulls" sweatshirt on our date. Haha!
I love going out with my hubby!! We went to dinner and a movie. We saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and we both enjoyed it! My mom and the kids had a good evening, too.

Saturday was a nice, laid back day. Since Aubrey had fever still, she stayed home with me that morning while David and the little kids went to his parents' house for breakfast. Aubrey got in the bed with me and went back to sleep for a good while. Poor thing didn't feel well for most of the day :( When David and Jude and Alaina got home, David packed up some of our china, and I made a grocery list.
Aubrey noticed that all three of the girls were wearing Toms. Of course we had to get a picture :)
After I went to the grocery store that afternoon, we got the kids up from their naps, and we all went on a walk. I think it was close to 70 degrees, but Jude and Alaina both insisted on blankets. Haha!
That evening, I cooked pizza for dinner, we put the kids to bed, and David and I watched an episode of Sherlock :)

I'd say there was WAY more good than bad last week :)

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Whitney said...

So glad you are enjoying your stroller! We love ours. The one we rented at Disney had the parent console and I'm kicking myself for not getting that before now. I meant to comment on the house post and life kept getting in the way. Your faith is one to be admired! It shone through even in your disappointment and frustration, and I know it was coming completely from your heart. The right buyer is out there. Enjoy thinking about that new house. I can't wait to see it!