Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Last week was the most low-key week ever. It was kind of weird. Aubrey was out of school for "fall break" so that made the week more low-key than usual. And then Alaina came down with a random stomach bug toward the end of the week, so that kept us home for a day or so. It's nice to have uneventful weeks sometimes, but the kids and I were all going a bit stir-crazy by the end of the week. I've noticed that my kids' behavior is better when we get out of the house and have a change in scenery regularly. When we stay home too much, the bickering and fighting tends to escalate. So, that's always pleasant. :-/

We went to church and Sunday School on Sunday. We ate lunch at home and went back to church that night. We met David's parents for dinner at Jason's Deli after church.
Aubrey was out of school on Monday, so we didn't have anywhere that we had to go all day.
Alaina requested a bow as soon as she got up that morning. I've trained her well ;)
We did school at home and then just hung out at home all day. David came home for dinner that night instead of going to karate, which was nice. I cooked, we ate, and then we bathed the kids and put them to bed.

Tuesday was Bible Study. It was a good study! In the midst of our discussion, a question actually came up that none of us knew the answer to. So, we went and knocked on the door of our pastor's office and asked him. Haha! He answered it for us, and we resumed our Bible study :)
My dad is at church on Tuesday mornings, and he always gets the kids out of the nursery while I'm in Bible Study. He gets to spend a little time with them, and he feeds them a snack... like powered doughnuts, apparently ;) They all love it.
I had packed lunch for us, and we were going to go eat lunch at our friend's house after Bible Study. But as I was pulling out of the church parking lot, I hit a storm drain and busted my tire. UGHHH. I was SO annoyed. Thankfully, David works 2 minutes from our church, so he came and rescued me. Needless to say, we missed lunch with our friends, though :( We just ate our lunch at church instead and visited with David for a few minutes after he got my tired changed. It was pushing naptime by the time we left church. After the kids got up, my grandmother came by. She had just gotten home from Paris and brought us some cookies :) David had a deacon's meeting that evening, so the kids and I went to Lowe's, and then we ate dinner at McAlister's (I always avoid cooking when it's just me and the kids who will be eating). I did all of the kids' bedtime routine on my own that night, and David got home after they were in bed.

Wednesday was another low-key day. We stayed home all day. I got some things done around the house, and the kids played.
I got ready for church during naptime, and we went to church that evening after David got home. We had a good night at church, and we put the kids to bed as soon as we got home. Alaina went down easily, but she woke up around 11 throwing up :( Thankfully, the bug was short-lived and she was able to go back to sleep around 1:30 that morning.

We spent the day at home on Thursday so that Alaina could recover. She was in good spirits when she woke up, thankfully. By the end of the day, her Mama wasn't in such good spirits. Haha! No, it wasn't a bad day, I was just about ready to climb the walls by the end of it. I just needed some fresh air or something. David came home that evening, and we ate baked potatoes and broccoli cheese soup for dinner. We bathed the kids and put them to bed, and I enjoyed the quiet!

On Friday, Alaina was still doing fine and no one else was sick, so I knew we needed to get OUT. We made a Target run to get a birthday gift, and then we went to Chick Fil A for lunch. I let the kids play until it was time to go home for naps.
These sisters love each other so much!
That evening, we met David's family for dinner at Mellow Mushroom. It was fun! After dinner, we went to Belk. We put the kids to bed when we got home, and then David and I watched Pride and Prejudice :)

On Saturday morning, David took the kids to the Farmer's Market. When they got home, he and Aubrey and Jude went out front so that David could mow the grass. Alaina and I stayed inside and she was none too thrilled ;) The yard stuff ended up taking longer than I expected, and I got a bit stressed out. I just always have unrealistic expectations for the amount of things that we're going to get done on Saturdays, and it usually just leads to frustration. Ugh. One of the (many) reasons I'm so ready for our house to sell is because I feel like I have a constant to-do list hanging over my head, and I let it stress me out more than I should. Anyway, David and the kids came in for lunch, and then I got Aubrey and Jude ready, and David took them to a birthday party. I stayed home so that Alaina could nap. I opted to stay home instead of going to the party because I was nervous that I wouldn't know anybody at the party and David doesn't feel as awkward in those kinds of situations as I do. Haha! Alaina took a LONG nap, and I got a lot done while she slept. When the rest of the family got home, we went to dinner at Newk's, and then I went to Kroger.

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