Thursday, October 17, 2013

Randoms Ramblings

For some reason, I've had zero motivation to blog lately. I have several things that I've been wanting to blog (Aubrey's birthday party that was a month ago now, part II of my detox post, and our new kitchen countertops, just to name a few), but when I have a chance to blog lately, I just find myself wanting to do other things instead. I feel like that's just how blogging is for me - there are seasons where I love it and want to blog frequently, and then there are seasons where it just isn't a priority. I know it will cycle back around, and I'll be into it again at some point :)

One thing I've been doing more of lately (instead of blogging) is reading. Like, reading actual books and not just stuff on the internet! ;) A few weeks ago, David surprised me with a Kindle Fire. I had mentioned that I'd like to have a tablet of some sort for reading. Up until recently, I've been very devoted to "real books" and have kind of disliked the idea of reading a book on a screen instead of paper. I still love actual books and never plan to read on the Kindle exclusively. However, I did realize that having an e-reader could really come in handy for book club. I always wait until the last minute to get my book club books, and then it's not available in the library and I end up having to pay high shipping costs to get it here in time. And then I'm left with like 2 days to read the book. SO! It's nice to be able to buy a book and have it instantly :) One unexpected bonus of having the Kindle has been that I find myself reaching for it in the evenings a lot more than I reach for the laptop. I'm not really sure why having it has made me want to read more often, but I'm not complaining! I have started reading the Harry Potter series. And yes, I realize that I'm about 10 years late to that party, but I've been enjoying it ;)

Poor Alaina got the stomach bug last night :( Thankfully, it was short lived. She was sick from about 11PM-1AM. When we realized that she was throwing up, David and I decided that we'd take shifts. He took the first shift while I went to bed, and then he was going to wake me up halfway through the night so that I could take over and he could sleep. Well, I definitely got the better end of that deal ;) David was able to get Alaina to sleep at 1:30 after he could tell that she was done getting sick, and she slept until almost 9 this morning :) Whew! She's been fine, and no one else has gotten sick so far. I kind of hate this time of year for this reason (even though I love it for other reasons). I was thankful that David took such good care of Alaina while she was sick. Our kids are very blessed to have such a devoted Daddy :)

We had some interest in our house this week, but I don't think it's going to end up going anywhere. Even though it more than likely won't end in a contract, it's always nice to have interest, and we're thankful. I'm hoping that things pick up soon and that we'll be back to regular showings. Although, we're starting to get close to the holidays, and I REALLY would prefer not to move during the Christmas season. So, I'd like it to either happen very soon or not for a while. We're trusting that it will happen in the Lord's time either way :)

I think that about it for now. Hopefully I'll get my blogging groove back soon!

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Nathalie said...

I know exactly what you mean about the low motivation to blog. At the moment I feel like it's such a chore! But I keep up with it because I really do enjoy looking back on the posts. It helps when there are actual events to blog about, like Thanksgiving :).

Glad you're enjoying your Kindle! I like using an e-reader -- I agree it's easy to just pick it up and read.

I hope the interest on your house picks up! And mine too!! We had a burst of busyness in September but things have slowed down to a halt. We have a conditional contract (the buyers just need to sell their house!), but nothing else has happened in a while.

Keep up the blogging! It would be so strange if you no longer blogged and I couldn't read up on how you and your family are doing.