Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Last week was a good one. We're settling into our "fall routine" nicely, and we're staying busy but not TOO busy :)

We had a normal morning at church and Sunday School on Sunday.
After Sunday School, we had a church wide luncheon to welcome all of the new members we've gotten since the beginning of the year, which was nice :) We came home for naps, and we headed back to church that evening. On the way home, we got dinner at Jason's Deli.
How cute are her little pigtails??
Monday, Aubrey had school. David surprised me by taking Aubrey to school. He didn't wake me up until right before it was time for them to leave so that I could fix her hair :) While she was at school, the little kids and I had a low-key morning. Jude and Alaina had an early rest time, and then we picked Aubrey up. That afternoon, I cooked dinner while the kids watched a movie. David came home that evening, we ate dinner, and then we bathed the kids. And I watched the Dancing with the Stars premier :)

Tuesday was Bible Study. We started a new study on I Samuel, and it went well. The kids and I came home for naps that afternoon. David had a deacon's meeting that evening, so we were on our own the rest of the day. After naptime, we made a Hobby Lobby run. We ate sandwiches for dinner that night. I did bedtime by myself (Alaina had a HARD time going to sleep), and then David and I talked when he got home.

David took Aubrey to school again on Wednesday because I was trying to get ready to go to a sale. My mom came over that morning to watch Jude and Alaina, and I went to a consignment sale. I got some cute stuff! I also went and bought some Mums for our front porch :) I picked Aubrey up from school, and we hung out at home until David got home. We went to church that evening. When we got the kids to bed that night, David and I got to work on our house because we had a showing and an open house the next day.

We got up and ate breakfast on Thursday, and I did some last minute cleaning around the house, while trying to keep the kids from destroying the cleaning we had done the night before. When it was time for our showing, we left and went over to my parents' house. When the open house was over, we rushed home for naps. I had to wake Alaina up to go to tutoring that afternoon. After tutoring, we hung out at church, and then we came home at the same time as David. We ate a roast for dinner that evening and then bathed the kids and put them to bed.

On Friday, we met Sarah Denley, Ann Peyton, and Graves for lunch at Newk's. It was fun, but we didn't last long. The kids were a bit WILD. Not bad, just a little too rowdy for a restaurant ;) When we got home, I got the kids down for naps. That evening, we went to Lowe's. David and I were talking to someone about new countertops, and our kids were being CRAZY. (This time they WERE being "bad.") Jude even ended up falling out of the buggy onto the floor (he was fine). I was stressed to the max by the time we got out of there. Ha! We ate dinner at Aladdin and headed home. David and I were going to watch a movie, but Alaina took forever to fall asleep. That was super stressful, too, and by the time she finally got quiet, we just went to bed.

Saturday morning, while David and the kids were at the Farmer's Market, I made a grocery list and got ready.
Daddy let the kids play in the rain/mud when they got home :)
Bed head!
We were having a little birthday party at our house that evening for one of the moms who's son is in my dad's ministry. She visits our church some, and she and my mom have gotten to be friends. So, we wanted to do something for her birthday! :) I went and ran a few errands and got food at the grocery store, and then I came home. The kids were napping, and David and I got the house ready. My parents then came over early to help get the food ready. We grilled burgers and had some church friends over, and the birthday girl invited some of her family, too. It was a fun evening :)
When everyone left, we got the kids right to bed.

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