Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Random Ramblings

Just some random thoughts for today :)

-We've been in a sick season lately. Fall is always this way, sadly :( A few weeks ago, Alaina had hand, foot, and mouth, but thankfully no one else got it, and she recovered fine. But she was only well about a week before she started sneezing, coughing, and snotting. Then of course she started wheezing. I think she just has bad allergies, and they flare up this time of year. Last fall, she had to go on two different allergy medicines and daily breathing treatments just to control the wheezing. Now that she's older, I'm really hoping to avoid all of that medicine this year! I'm so thankful for modern medicine, and if she needs it, we'll definitely do it, but I just pray that she doesn't need it. My one consolation is that Aubrey was the exact same way at this age, and she has outgrown the wheezing. She rarely has any respiratory issues anymore, thankfully. Our pediatrician told us that most children do outgrow wheezing, but it's hard to believe that they'll ever outgrow it when they're in the thick of it. So, it's nice to know from experience now that it DOES happen :) Also, I'm thankful that since Alaina now has tubes, we shouldn't be dealing with constant ear infections on top of the allergies this year!

-When Alaina is congested and coughing, she (understandably) doesn't sleep well. Then she gets in the habit of having us come into her room and rock her in the middle of the night to help her breathe. And, as you can imagine, those habits are hard to break when she's well. So, we're tired! But thankful that this is a very minor thing we're dealing with.

-We went to church on Sunday morning, and when we got home, Aubrey promptly ran into the bathroom and threw up :-/ I guess she had a bug because she was sick several more times throughout the day. Poor sweet baby! She was back to normal by Monday. On Tuesday, we got ready and went to Bible Study like usual. As soon as we pulled into the church parking lot, Jude started fussing. I got him out of the car and tried to figure out what was wrong, and he said his tummy was hurting. I just KNEW he was about to throw up. We rushed to the bathroom, but nothing. I knew I couldn't put him in the nursery, so we just turned around and came right back home... and he was fine. He never complained about his stomach again. So weird. I'm PRAYING we're in the clear now that no one else has gotten it. You know me and my throw up phobia. I have major anxiety when stomach bug germs are floating around ;)

-It's not all sickness and yuckiness around here, though! ;) Aubrey is LOVING school. She was so sad that she had to miss school on Monday after she had been sick. I'm so happy that she enjoys it so much! She also really loves doing our school work at home, too. It's been going really well so far! Sometimes we include Jude when he's in the mood, but I don't push it with him yet. It goes a lot more quickly when he doesn't participate, so it doesn't bother me that he sometime skips out ;) Yesterday, I waited until David got home from work before I started school, and he ended up doing it with Aubrey (and Jude!). I love that we're both able to have such an active role in our children's education :) We're really enjoying our school routine so far!

-Things have been SO SLOW on the house selling front lately. We've only had 2 showings in like 6 weeks. It's frustrating at times, I've gotta be honest. Our realtor said that houses in our price range just aren't selling right now. I guess it's good to know that it isn't just our house? Haha! One thing that I'm VERY excited about is that we've decided to put granite in our kitchen!!! That is something that I've wanted to do since literally the first time I saw our house. So, it's kind of bittersweet that we're doing it now hoping for a sale. But I plan on enjoying it for as long as we're here! It was strange picking it out, though, knowing that it wasn't for me. I found myself saying, "Well, if we were staying, I'd pick this, but since we're trying to move, we better pick that." I tried to choose something that would appeal to the masses and that was reasonably priced as far as granite goes. It's not what I would have gone with if we were planning to stay here long term, but I think it will look great! We've gotten a lot of feedback that people "expect" granite in a house in our price range, so we figured it was a wise decision to make our house more "sellable." We know, of course, that ultimately, our house will sell in the Lord's timing, though, so we're trusting Him! I need to continue posting our home tour pictures :)

-The weather has been beautiful the past couple of days. The temperature has been perfect, and we've been spending a lot of time playing outside. We got a TON of rain yesterday, and rainy days are my absolute favorite! The kids and I went and sat outside under the porch for a long time after lunch and just watched the rain. It was peaceful :) I love the changing of seasons. I told David the other day that my favorite season is always the one we're entering into :) It's just so fun to anticipate a new season. And, I'm shallow and completely tired of our summer wardrobes and am SO ready for fall and winter clothes. Haha! Happy Fall!

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Whitney said...

The amount of germs out in September is ridiculous! Strep and stomach virus going around already. Thankfully my kids have been spared so fall but I feel like I'm just waiting for it. Fall can be a sickly time for us as well. Sending good vibes for health and house selling!