Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Last week wasn't the best ever. I came down with a cold the beginning of the week, and it lingered ALL week (and it's still lingering today... UGH!). Because of that, I wasn't feeling great all week, which meant that I also wasn't the most patient with the kids. Towards the end of the week, Alaina caught my cold, and she has been SO fussy and not sleeping or napping well. I'm really dreading sick season, and I'm praying that we don't stay sick all fall and winter :-/

We went to church and Sunday School on Sunday. It was move up Sunday, so Jude is now going to children's church with Aubrey instead of the nursery. It went ok. When the kids were leaving the sanctuary, Jude laid down in the aisle. My dad was closest to Jude, so he grabbed him and walked him out. I went out, too, and walked with Jude to the children's church room. He was fine with me leaving him there. I guess he just got nervous walking out of the sanctuary in front of everyone. We ate lunch at home, and we went back to church that evening.
We grabbed dinner at Jason's Deli on the way home.

Monday was actually a good day! Usually Mondays are long, long because that's David's day to get home late. We had a very low-key day, but everyone got along well.
I did a ton of laundry. After naps, we made a Target run. I cooked dinner and bathed the kids, and then David was home! I read a LOT that day. I read a good chunk of my book club book and I did my Bible Study homework.

It turns out that I didn't have to do that Bible Study homework. We did go to Bible Study on Tuesday, but we didn't start our new book because several people haven't gotten it yet. We had a prayer time instead. We came home for lunch, and the kids were just destroying everything and about to drive me insane. I got them down for naps, and David got home early because he had been at a seminar all day.
Mesmerized by a movie
"Take a picture of me sittin' on this thing, Mommy." It just so happens that "this thing" was the coffee table, but I never turn down a request to take a picture of my boy! ;)

That evening, I had book club. We had read The Shoemaker's Wife. We met at a great Italian place, and I had a delicious salad (that's a bit of sarcasm there... so OVER salads!). I enjoyed discussing the book and hanging out with my friends!
While Mommy is away, Daddy lets the kids make forts out of kitchen chairs and curtains.
I was supposed to go volunteer on Wednesday, but I didn't want to expose any of the sweet babies to my cold, so I stayed home. Midmorning, I was regretting that decision :-/ It was just a long, rough day, and I wasn't in the best mood.
When it was finally naptime, I got a few things done, and then laid on the cough. I had just dozed off when Alaina woke up after only an hour :( That evening, we went to church, and that improved my mood some. Haha.
Two out of three looking at the camera isn't bad!
Thursday morning, my friend Anna brought two of her kiddos over to play for a bit while she went and worked at Aubrey's school (two of her kids go there also, and remember that the school is now in our neighborhood??). The kids had so much fun playing together! My mom also came for a visit while they were still here. She had been in Belize on a mission's trip for the past week and had just gotten back the night before. Of course, she couldn't wait another minute to see the babies :) They were SO happy to see her, especially Aubrey. It was sweet. The kids napped after everyone left, and then we went to church for tutoring. I ran to Kroger afterwards, and then we came home and ate dinner.

We stayed home all day on Friday. I got some things done around the house and started planning Aubrey's birthday party. (Yes, started. Yes, it's in two weeks.)
Tickle time with my girls!
That evening, when David got home, we went to Newk's for dinner. It was nice to be out of the house! We walked around Target for a while afterwards. When we got the kids to bed, David and I watched The Prestige.

David and the kids went to the Farmer's Market like usual on Saturday morning. I made a meal plan and a grocery list while they were gone. When they got back, David mowed the grass and I got the kids down for naps. When he came inside, I went to a kid's shoe store and met my mom and grandmother at Belk for a little while. I then went to Kroger and came home.
We grilled chicken that night and watched some football. Then it was bath and bed time!

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Whitney said...

Alaina looks so grown in those last pictures. Hope you are feeling better!