Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekly Highlights

So, no blogging last week because it was VBS week. If you've ever helped with VBS with young children, you know that's enough said :) I truly love VBS week, and I enjoy helping so much! I like being out of the house and around adults for several hours everyday, and I love seeing the children have so much fun. It is tiring, though, and by the end of the week, Alaina was exhausted. She really did great in the nursery all week, but she fell asleep in the car on the way home several days and then wouldn't take a "real" nap once we got home. All in all, it was a fun week, though! I did kids' snacks and enjoyed it. David ended up with a stomach bug the beginning of the week, so that made things even more crazy, and I was on edge all week that we were all going to get it. Thankfully, we seem to be in the clear now! Whew!

On Sunday the Herringtons visited our church that morning, and the Arants were also passing through town, so they were at church. That made for a fun morning! After church, we went to our friends' house for lunch and had a great time. David started feeling yuck that afternoon, so the kids and I went to church without him that evening. He got sick while we were gone :( My parents went out to dinner with me and the kids after church. When we got home, I did all of the bedtime routines by myself with all of the kids to try to avoid passing germs. I even slept on the floor that night (because David had been in the bed and on the couch). I'm serious about avoiding the stomach bug!

We were up bright and early for VBS on Monday! I had had an awful night of sleep on the floor. Jude and Alaina were each randomly up in the night too, so I was dragging that morning. We had a great day at VBS, though! We got Chick Fil A for lunch, and then it was naptime for the kiddos. David had been to the doctor that morning and gotten some medicine for nausea. During naptime, I went to Target to pick the medicine up, and the pharmacy was closed for lunch. I literally almost cried over that. I was just emotional because I was exhausted and stressed. I took a nap on the floor when I got home and felt better after that :) We had a low-key night at home and I was on solo parenting duty again since David was still contagious.

Tuesday was a better day because we had washed the sheets on our bed, so I got a good nights rest :) Also, David was feeling much better. We had another fun day at VBS!
My brother's sweet girlfriend, Anna, worked in the nursery all week. I think she and Alaina bonded ;)
We came home for rest time after VBS. David had gone in to work that afternoon.
That night I had Bunco! Thankfully, David was feeling well enough for me to go :) Our group met at Sal and Mookies and just had dinner and talked instead of playing Bunco. It was so fun!

We had another good day at Bible School on Wednesday!
Afterwards, we ate lunch at church with my mom and the little girls she babysits. Sadly, Alaina fell asleep in the car and never would go back to sleep at home :( We had a low-key afternoon and evening. David cut the grass and we grilled chicken for dinner.

Poor Alaina was SO tired on Thursday morning after her skipped nap the day before. She was a trooper, though! We rushed home after VBS because we had a showing that afternoon, so I needed to clean the house. Alaina fell asleep AGAIN in the car. Boo! I rushed around like crazy and got everything clean. Alaina fell asleep in her bed 5 minutes before we had to leave :( !! The kids and I went to Sonic happy hour and Kroger during the showing. Once we got home, our realtor showed up and said that the realtor who was supposed to be showing our house couldn't get our door open. Ughhh!!! I was SO frustrated. All that and they didn't even come in our house. All I could do was laugh. At least my house was clean?? Ugh. That night, I cooked dinner and we hung out at home and went for a walk after dinner.
Jude is playing possum in case you missed that ;)
Friday was a CRAZY BUSY day. We had our last day of VBS. I was then going to help decorate for our VBS closing ceremony that night. My friend Megan and I were kind of "in charge" of the decorating (but we had a LOT of sweet helpers!!) and our friend Rachel watched our kids while we decorated. It was definitely a team effort! We got everything done, but it was too late to go home by the time we finished, so we hung out at church ALL day. Thankfully, Alaina did take a couple of short naps. We had a great turnout for our closing ceremony that evening, and we had pizza and a lot of fun! It was 7:00 when we left, which meant we had been at church for 11 hours! I'm happy to be able to serve in that way, though! We ALL went to bed early that night!

David and the kids went to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning, and I slept late :)
Is David super dad for doing this every Saturday or what??!! And he actually enjoys it!
I ran errands and went to the grocery store while they were gone. That afternoon, the kids napped and David and I worked around the house.

David's sisters were in town, so we met his family at Broadstreet for dinner that night. It was so fun to see them!

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