Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week in Review: Coughs, Bunco, and Playing in the Mud

Gosh, I've turned into such a bad blogger. I'm going to be so mad at myself down the road that I letting blogging slide as much as I have lately. I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm really going to try to get back into the groove ;) For some reason, it's just been hard to find time (and motivation) to sit down and blog recently. I'm SO looking forward to summer. It's not like a summer schedule hugely effects my life right now, but I just feel like things slow down and the pace of life just seems more leisurely. Sounds really appealing right now! :) Anyway, enough about all of that! Here are some highlights from our week last week:

The Arants were in town on Sunday evening, and after church we went to dinner with them. My parents came too, and it was so much fun! Spending time with David and Rebekkah is super bittersweet now. We LOVE seeing them, but it reminds us what we're missing by having our best friends living hours away from us. We're just thankful that we still get to see them semi-regularly :)
Sweet baby all ready for church that night. I just love baby sun sans! :)
Aubrey had to miss school on Monday AND Wednesday last week, sadly. She had a pesky cough that lasted ALL week :/ I think it was in large part due to the pollen, because she wasn't bothered by the cough at all. But we knew she didn't need to be at school hacking like that. And I have to say, we felt bad for Aubrey and we knew she couldn't help coughing, but oh my gosh! We were SO ready for that cough to go away, especially at night. Haha! Thankfully, we had some beautiful weather last week, so we were able to get out of the house and make a trip to the park on Monday!
I had Bunco on Tuesday night, and it was super fun as always. The sweet girl who hosted that night is due to have a baby in a couple of weeks, so we all surprised her with some diapers. One of the girls asked to see her nursery, and while she was back showing off the baby's room, we all grabbed our diapers and posed with them. We were standing super awkwardly holding these diapers when she walked back into the room, and then we laughed so hard about the strangeness of the whole situation. Good times :) Love these girls!
On Thursday, David and I had a meeting with our adoption agency. Now that we're officially going the domestic route, we have a whole new to-do list :) We have several books to read and we have to make a "profile book." We also have to go to some training that isn't until June, so that gives us a little time to get these books read, but it also gives us a good deadline. We're just excited to be moving forward and we know that every page we read gets us that much closer to our baby :)

I had another sewing class that night, and it was fun! I have to be honest, I'm super overwhelmed by the whole thing. I sewed four straight lines and it about did me in. Haha! I REALLY want to learn, though, and I think once I figure out my sewing machine, it will be a TON easier. The class itself is really fun. We're all completely clueless and that makes me feel better and not as dumb ;)
I went to the gym on Friday for the first time in..... months. And it just might be several more months before I make time to go again. Haha! No, once I'm there I'm always so glad to be working out, it's just really hard to fit it in sometimes. We had a fun, low-key Friday night. We got pizza, and David and I watched a movie :) I love our Friday night routine.

We also had a low-key Saturday. I tried the kids' bathing suits on in preparation for our beach trip in a couple of weeks! (Alaina will be accompanying us to the beach, of course, but she isn't all that keen on wardrobe changes, so we didn't make her model her bathing suit that day. Haha!)

Aubrey and Jude went outside to play in their bathing suits, and they seized the opportunity to play in the mud. (Mama was at the grocery store, and Daddy was in charge when this went down ;)
We grilled hamburgers and ate outside on the deck that night. Great weekend!

This week is fairly busy. We found out yesterday that Alaina's ears are infected again after JUST coming off an antibiotic :( The doctor said her ears are a 10 out of 10 (on the terrible scale, I guess). Poor, poor baby! We're seeing an ENT next week, but in the meantime, we're praying that God will heal her little ears without tubes!

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