Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday: Thanksgiving 2012

The next big even that I need to blog about is Thanksgiving! We spent Thanksgiving with David's family, and it was a special time because all of his siblings were in town. He has two sisters who we see several times a year, and three half siblings who all live very far away who we don't get to see often at all. It was so nice that the whole family could be together for Thanksgiving! Since this doesn't happen often, of course there was a lot of picture taking :)
Aubrey and Caroline. Sweet cousins!
Jude was in a zone :)
David's Dad with all six of his kids.
Funny face!
Riding the horsey :)

David's parents and their three kids
Attempting a shot with David's parents and their five grandkids...
...not an easy task....
This is as good as it got!

How sweet are they??
David's parents and their kids and spouses
Our little family :)

The ladies!
I wanted a picture of my kids in their matching outfits. Alaina wasn't feelin' it.

Baby got a wardrobe change ;)
She's a hoot!
And oh-so-sweet :)

Sampling a leaf
Jude had a little accident and we had to remove his shirt :-/
Still cute as ever, though!

Playing with Aunt Sarah's dogs :)

Aubrey and Jude loved the doggies!



Checking out the dog's stuff :)

As you can see from the pictures, we had a great Thanksgiving filled with lots of family and good food! :)

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